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Opinions and Oponions

Ok i want any opinions ont he tanks..options i am thinking about getting for a 75 gal tank. Feel free to add your opinion if you do n't like any of mine lol.

Option A
2 Angelfish
2 Gourami
4 Yoyo Loaches
1 Pseudacanthicus Leopardus
and 4 Otto cats

Option B
2 Oscars
and 1 Pseudacanthicus Leopardus

ORRRR Option C
African Cichlids (jack dempseys??)

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Dempseys aren't African. I like what's behind door #1.
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I like option number one as well but I wouldn't add the Angels until after the tank has been up and running for at least a couple of months if not six months or more. Same thing with the YoYo loaches.
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Keep in mind that that pleco is going to get up to 10" long..

A bit big for even a 75g..

And I would get at least 6 otos.. Like most fish, they like to school together in large groups..

make sure if you get gourami that you don't have 2 males together.

Get a male, and 2 females..

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well i like option A. and it iwll be Option A unless! i decide to do a small saltwater tank instead. SOmething real simple. im going to lookinto both of them and decide what i want to do.

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Originally Posted by dougz
male, and 2 females..
thats the ONLY way to roll....

i like option A

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