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That's the odd thing, all of them have shown mating behavior. It starts and stops...they act like it for a few days...and then go a week or so without it. Haven't seen any eggs or fry, but the courtship is occurring off and on. I'm waiting for definite pairs as I have a setup waiting for them to breed, lfs said they would buy them off me so I'm waiting for it...but no obvious pairing yet.

As far as the angels eating other fish (this is kinda sadistic on my part but...bear with me) we had a batch of baby mollies we couldn't get rid of...friends wouldn't take them, lfs had too I decided to see what would happen if I put them in with the angels. I dropped the first one in and I heard a splash from the fish..thought I had just startled mollie...nowhere to be seen. I put a second one in, this time dunked him down in the net as I had thought I dropped the first one or something...little bugger swam out and BAM! Instantly my biggest angel gulped it down...whole...swallowed. It was kinda impressive that they hunted them down that fast. The first one was gone as soon as it hit the water, and the second as soon as it left the net. Crazy. I know people on here don't like the idea of feeding live foods, chance of disease and cruelty involved and all but thought I would share. I haven't done it before or since...made me feel a little bad for the little mollies.
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I have mollies in my brackish tank. The fry only live a matter of seconds. My archer is quick to snatch them up.
As long as it is you own stock, there is no risk as far as introducing disease & it is a nice healthy snack for the fish.
The way mollies pop out babies, there really is not room to house all of them anyway.
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Yup, exactly. Had practically the same experience when I tossed in a bunch of baby guppy when I had no other place to put them....none survived. Have two female Platy and a male Play in the 50 with my Angel and Dwarf Gourami.....never a fry to be seen in the tank, though I can tell when they give birth.
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Ok, that makes me feel better about what I was planning on doing with the 15 latest additions to the guppy population we have then. I've seen people get kinda touchy about feeding fish to other me it's natural. I've always been told by other fish keepers that live food = healthy fish though. Should I feed them the babies in place of the supplemental stuff like brine shrimp or bloodworms? I don't want to overfeed them on the things lol.

My lfs has taken a few batches of guppies and mollies from me, but they are overstocked themselves right now and our little buggers keep on shooting them out. Can't keep em all and don't want them to die from overpopulation. To me it would be more cruel to have them die like that than to be swallowed whole.
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I think what people get all upset about is the feeder goldfish, I hear that they're horrible feeders anyway for several reasons....I see no issue with feeding fry from your own livebearers to your Angels. I agree that its probably more humane for them to be eaten anyway....and quite natural. I'm sure loads of fry in the wild are eaten.
Though, I wouldn't feed them the fry instead of bloodworms and brine could cut back on those a little if you really wanted, but I'd still keep those in their diet. The more varied and more 'live' the better I'd say. Though, if you really wanted you could cut them out, all up to you
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I just meant cut out the brine shrimp and worms for a few days before I feed the fry. So they're hungry lol.

I don't intend to vary their diet away from what I have been giving them. just throw in some fresh fish here and there ;)

I just don't want them to get overfed from having the new thing thrown in...they should digest them fairly quickly right? Like any other live or frozen food.
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Ahh, I see. Makes sense now xD

Yeah...I'd say there wouldn't be much of a difference in digestion....don't know much about that though, so I could be wrong.
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