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one-eyed barbs


I am new to the forums and am enjoying everything here very much!

I come from Latvia, it is in North-East Europe. I have had some aquariums since childhood. Back then I had a funny 10-litre tank (I understand that it was a torture chamber for my pets, but I was only 9 years old and my parents didn't have a clue). Now I am a happy owner of two comfy aquariums, not overcrowded and carefully looked after by my husband, daughter and myself.

Since one of our two VERY OLD (I wonder how long they really live) angelfishes passed away we have been looking for some company for the remaining one. He (or she) did not accept any other angels, chasing and biting them around. So we had to put them in the other tank. I have bought some Sumatra barbs instead just to have some movement and stripes. The angel does not hurt them at all. They may bite his fins though.

The problem is that only when I brought them home I saw that two of them have only one eye! One of the one-eyed bandits is an albino. I wonder how it could happen. Were they born like this or somebody crippled them? They seem to be quite healthy, but I don't know what to expect.
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It is quite common to find fish with one or both eyes missing,
this has either happened as a netting injury or by other fish eating the eye(s) or by some other accident.
provided the fish you have are showing no signs of red (infamed), black (dying tissue) or white (fungal/bacterial infection) skin around the missing eye, then they will be quite fine for their entire lifespan.
Tiger barbs (sumatran barb) should live for 5-6 years, so enjoy your fish for a long time.

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Thank you very much for your reply and information!

The place where the eye-ball should sit is clean and even looks quite natural now when I got used to it. The two guys swim happily with the rest of the lot but their movements are a bit different. Being one-eyed they tend to swing a bit to one side to better see the bottom. Otherwise they look healthy and happy. I am glad they live 5-6 years.

I wonder how long those angelfishes live. I think we have had ours for not less than 8-9 years. Our ancistrus had been with us for more than 14 years!

We have a bunch of younger ancistruses but only one of them has bristles on the nose. They are very friendly!
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