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Old tank water as plant fertilizer?

I've heard old tank water from water changes makes good plant fertilizer. Anyone do this? Know anything about it?

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Old tank water contains Nitrate, which is a form of Nitrogen which plants need. There are also dissolved organics.

I don't hink you could use it exclusively as a fertalizer as it won't have every nutrient needed, but it's better than plain water for plants.
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Agreed. It will have, at best, only the most mild fertilizing effect, but often it is a bit better conditioned, a trifle softer, and probably of a better temperature than what we usually give our houseplants. Also, it's "thrifty" making excellent use of waste water that really should not be wasted.

In warm months the end of my python aquarium hose goes out the window and into the garden, not down the drain. Tomatoes like it.

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I agree. It's not a comprehensive fert for plants, but it's a great way to get a little bit of extra water and nutrients on plants. It's especially good in a drought if you have watering restrictions or if you're just trying to cut down on water usage. All of my tank water goes to the lawn and garden in the spring and summer.


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It works well, as others have mentioned. For many years my houseplants--and I had a lot of them--only got fish tank water and they were remarkable. My Philodendron extended for 14-15 feet when I moved and gave it to friends.

I now use rainwater, no ferts added, on my fewer houseplants, and they respond well to this too.

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