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It is fine for algae to grow, Diatoms grow in low lighting and high silicites. Diatoms are normally the first algae that grows in a tank, they pose no threat to the fish except the fact that they look bad. After a few weeks, green algae takes over the diatoms. Both diatoms and green algae are loved by otos, you can clean the sides of the tank with an algae brush if you dont like the look of it, but only one side, not all over the tank.
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I don't care about the diatoms. I care to know what's going on with my tank. I want answers to the questions I posed. I just don't get it. Frustration.
I leave the light on in my tank all day. Usually turn it off when I go to bed, and back on when I wake up(not off more than 8 hours per night, and sometimes I forget to turn it off at night).
The cycling process is getting frustrating and with all this growth in the tank, I was thinking it should have been cycled by now.....
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I did, im saying there is nothing wrong with the tank, cycling can take two months even. You can change the filter cartridge but that wont help with all the growth, the growth is fine, the decetable nitrite and ammonia is fine. You are nearing the end of the cycling, just give it some time.
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Well it's due for a filter cartridge change now anyway(it's been about 6 weeks).
I just don't get why the nitrites went to zero then the next day they were at .25 and still are.
Here's a question that I thought about this am while doing another test.
I rinse and clean out the test tubes with tap water(just tap water) after each testing. Being that it's tap water, could that affect the test results for the next time I use them? Would the residue or remaining water(if present) have any effect at all?
On the bright side, once I add in algae eaters and whatnot, they're going to be quite happy:)
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