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Do I want to put all 4 gourami in at first? or one at a time?
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Actually, I would say only the two pearl. You might want to reconsider the opaline (blue) gouramis. They tend to be more aggressive (as do the gold). I've got pearl gouramis and long finned ruby barbs together in the same tank and everyone is happy.
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So I've edited my list .... my question...can some one tell me what parts of the tank these fish like to go? Bottom middle top....am i covered ok?

2x Pearl Gourami
2x Opaline Gourami
African Dwarf frog
5x Harlequin Rasbora
Corydoras Arcuatus - If I don't want a school of Cori what other options do I have for a bottom feeder. I only want one, maybe two at most. What is compatable with the above fish and frog?

I was also considering maybe trying to have shrimp in the tank(but i'm guessing the other fish will eat them) with a lot of cover on teh ground. Thoughts?


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Gouramis are top level swimmers (though my pearls hide under rocks :(). Cories are low level and stay along the bottom mostly. Frogs I believe are the same. Rasboras are mid level swimmers.

Edit: Sorry, missed the Shrimp. With those fish, I'd do Wood or Vampire shrimp. The Vampire shrimp prefer to sit on driftwood where the wood shrimp prefer to hang out by the intake for the filter, but I'd still recommend cover. Mine really prefer to hang out in the Java Fern of all my plants in the tank.
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So i've been snooping around this site and a couple others... what a ghost knife fit in this tank? I really like what i've read about them.


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it might fit if you nix the opaline gouramis, shrimp, and maybe even the rasboras. everything i've read says not to house them with small fish that can become snacks, or agressive fish that will out-compete them for food. be sure you get it one of those clear tubes to hide in.
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