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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
But it's all a labour of love, is it not??

Yes,very much so or I would not bother. I was lulled into a false sense of having just the right number of fishes and tanks.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Geeze makes me envious,
Wish we had fish auctions around here, I know I'd go bonkers at one.

But I doubt we will ever have one around here.

Always in NEED & looking for more Tanks!
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Pictures will start coming up as soon as I can find my camera and everyone is settled in. The crayfish is in a tank with a few midsized growing African they don't have anything to do with each other, I' just going to have watch him when he starts to molt.
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Wow wish there was a auction near me!! Lovely fish u got there!!!

26 Gallon Community:
5 Platies

4 Mollies

3 Guppys

1 Swordtail
11 Neon Tetras
1 Red Tailed Shark
Opaline Gourami
BN Pleco
Coral: Rat X Corn
CoCo: Rat

R.I.P Saphire You'll always be in my heart

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1077, Slave to your fish that's why I rehome the fish that do not interest me anymore so I don't end up with tanks everywhere.

I have one 55 gal, One 20 gal, one 10 gal. baby fish tank, one 6 gal. in my kitchen , 3 gal. shrimp tank next to my computer, I have 1 hospital or QT set upstairs of 3 gal. set up now. That's 6 Tanks that are running.

I have 2 large plastic empty 3 gal. containers and 1 plastic 2 gal. that had snacks in it from Costco that I can use at any given time for sick fish or QT for new fish with a sponge filter that runs on a air pump. I just bought 2 more Theo heaters 25W for a 2-7 gal. tank that has a dial from Pet mountain on-line for these extra empty set ups if I need them. I always have a bio sponge to use in my other tanks and use the water from these tanks to fill these up because it is cycled.

I hate doing water changes and I have a friend that has wall to wall tanks and spends over 1 week doing tank and pond chores and she is in not a young person in her 60's. When I say 1 week I mean 7 whole days to maintain her setups. Her husband does not share her interest in fish and does not help her.I will not be a slave to my fish! Don't get me wrong I love my tanks but I think that is just crazy. I told her to downsize in the smaller tanks. One tank is so huge that it take's the whole wall of a small bedroom and to clean it you have to stand on a chair it's about 275 gallons. I'm not even sure how many tanks she has in that small bedroom. I'm afraid to ask her. She complains all the time about tank chores but gets more fish all the time at the auctions every month. When you do not enjoy your tanks and it gets this bad then you may have a problem.

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O.o If i had wall to wall tanks, id just spend more money and get a plumbing system and a bunch of fancy cleaning equipment like the electric sludge extractors and such to do the work
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whats so fu nny about this thread for me is that my fish friend was telling me i need to go to one not even 3 days ago. first time to one and he said i should bring atleast 200 with me. when i just saw your list i might need to bring more.

how would i find if there are any in my area?
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Check with your local aquarium club that is how I found mine. I was thinking I was going to spend about a hundred bucks and ended up only spending about 80, but there were so many more things i could of purchased.
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Aquarium clubs and auctions

I posted a web-site to a bunch of aquarium clubs again.

It is in the Aquarium Resources section of this forum under Aquarium Clubs and events.

I hope this pops up under search just in case someone wants to find a place. These places are in the U.S and other countries also. You must check it out if you are interested in going to a fish auction in your area. I will not post this web-site again.
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