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Originally Posted by herefishy
f4a - believe it or not every time someone comes to our humble abodes, we are showing our tanks.
The odd thing about that statement for me is any time someone comes to see the tanks, they are asking what I use and how I have it set up. They are less interested in the fish after the first 5 minutes than the equipment. Then it might be different if I had "Show" calibur tanks or a place to show them.
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May I put it another way. Let us say one has a car that one has built into a hotrod. One of our inquiring friends come over to look at this hotrod. I am sure he is going to ask technical questions about the engine, transmission, tires, wheels, ect. Do you think that the hotrod would make a greater impression on him if the chrome was glittering, had a slick candy apple red paint job and a finished interior?

So let me say this again, every time our tanks are seen by someone other than ourselves, the tank is on display. Maybe saying that they are "show tanks" may be a little presumptuous. I must also concede that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I also have one tank, a 39g, that has no background. But with all of the wood, rock, and plants, you couldn't see through even if you were snorkling in the tank.

I just think that some kind of background adds so much to the asthetic presentation of a well decorated tank. It also provides a terrific first impression to someone who may be considering entering the hobby. Afterall, some aquariums are, in fact, piece of furniture and add to the home with an ever changing diorama.
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I think that you put it better than I ever could.

The one who soups up the car and makes it all that want people to see the car and all of it's glory. Those that aren't into the showy cars, drive it because it gets them from point A to point B.

I use a background now because it is the only way I can get a descent picture because I have white walls and I have no clue how to operate the camera like I should. Maybe if I find a background that I actually treuely think makes a difference in the looks of my tank, to me of course, I will use one and will probably never go without one again.

Of course, the best solution, plumb your tank from the side in a cabinet where everything is hidden and you can see both fropnt and back then you don't need a background. Then you have to aquascape from both sides, oh the agony.

You know the biggest reason I don't have them as semi perm on my tanks, I can't figure out how to secure them without turning the tanks around and soaking myself!
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f_4_a - have you tried moistening the background with a wash rag before you apply it to the back? You could then remove it when you've finished photographing. A tried and true method. It even works most of the time. lol
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lol "soups" lol this thread is interesting.

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Sorry to hijak this thread a bit, but I just got a standard background that you get from your lfs and I'm not sure if I applied it the correct way. I used soapy water on the tank and then soapy water on the background and then used a credit card to "squeegee" all of it to the sides. It looks great for 1-2 days and then starts to bubble up. Is there something I did wrong? Thanks.
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I can't say how to make it stay longer but i do know you do NOT want to get soap anyhwere near your tanks. If even a drop gets in the tank you run the really chance of killing all your bacteria and causing an ammonia spike.

Hot water on flat surface will help any plastic lay flatter so you can secure it to the back of the tank easier. Lay the background on the flat surface and run really hot over it then try to press it flat with another board or something. Let it cool and it should stick longer.
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Otherwise, go with a real easy method of just painting the back, on the outside of course.
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The way I think of it is, I love watching my fish. I love the colors they display. People enjoy watching my fish.

Without a solid colored background...
1. People have a hard time seeing the fish, since there eyes can be distracted.
2. I want my fish to be the main attraction, not the colorful background, bright colored substrate, or funky decor, like having a little treasure chest open/close due to the bubbles coming out of it.
3. I remember reading in a thread on a photagraphy forum where a solid, non glossy, black (preferrably painted) background was best when photographing fish.
4. As mentioned, hides the wires, filters, pumps, etc.
5. A solid background gives depth.
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Can anyone point me to a thread that deals with painting the background of my fish tank black? It is already stocked and I would really prefer to leave the fish in while doing it. Is that a bad idea? Thanks.
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