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Nothing is better than first hand EXPERIENCE!

I want everyone to remember something and I want to encourage more of this on the forum. Anyone can read a book and think they can do it. Anyone can find an article online and think they can do it. None of these compare to the quality of first hand experience and the amount of accurate and complete information you can get from someone who has done it. This helps to add to a database of knowledge that should never stop growing. Like I have said before; I can and have set up two almost identical tanks side by side and could not get them to work the same nor grow the same plants. Why, who knows but every tank is different and the more information we have the better chance we have to get our tanks to work for us.

Post your results whether you are new to the hobby or not. Just remember that this your experience and that it may not work for someone you are giving advice to and may not work for anyone else at all. Don't try to force your ideas on others but try to make the advice just that, advice on what has worked for you. Jumping on someone for doing something different than you won't encourage someone else to try it the way you have made it work. Also, try to be open minded enough that you can see similarities in techniques that you have success with and try to help someone incorporate them in their setup and maybe solve a problem in the process.

We all can learn a thing or two in the hobby and there is no reason why someone can't learn from us. We just need to be willing to accept that someone else may not be able to take our setup and simply recreate it and be successful.
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Here, Here f_4_a. It is true that the best method of learning is first hand experience. To try and fail is just as good as trying and being successful. The only difference being pride. I applaud you on being the anubius sugeon of the month. I know that we discussed this prior to your actually putting the plant under the knife. I could have told you many times how to perform the deed. But, now you know for sure.
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If I would have done it without asking, I would have pruned it like a house plant and probably killed it. That is why asking for that very advice and you giving it was so useful. A book or web site doesn't tell you that if you have a plant that growing back on itself and there are 6 other offshoots that are this long where the original is this long that you should cut here or do this. All they say is to cut in a general location and you are left to guess. Yah I might have 7 plants now but that is not what I wanted.

Which leads me to another thing that members should always remember. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Ask and get advice to do it right so there is less frustration down the road and you can enjoy the hobby. Yes you might get 4 different ways to do the same thing but at least you can pick out what fits your situation and apply it and also have 3 more ways of doing things to fall back on if you need to.
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Originally Posted by herefishy
I applaud you on being the anubius sugeon of the month.
I remember both of you talking about anubias surgery in the chatroom.

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This is true so let's get the information out there. I did my post but a better explanation of what to look for and how you, herefishy, have done it would be very useful.
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