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Is it normal for tertras to stop schooling?

I have 6 of these little guys in my 20 gallon and when I first bought them 3 weeks ago they kept together. Not its rate to see them together unless they are spooked. Is this because they are just really comfortable in the tank, or could there be something wrong?
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It's because theyare comfortable in the tank.

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i have phantoms and blood fins, they do the same thing unless something loud bangs or i am doing water changes, its a good sign!!!


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thats normal... bring some agresive fish to your aquarium and u'll see schooling again :) they feel safe in your tank which is good :)
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They usually school when in greater numbers. The reason that they did it even if few is because they were not familiar with the aquarium. Get 20 more and you will see them school again.
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