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welcome :)
is there any possibility that you could perhaps borrow
some filter sponge or media from your friends tank ?
as that would really help .
and don't worry,everyone starts somewhere,
i cycled my tank with fish in the begining,not
knowing there was another way.
you are on the right path now,and keeping up
with water changes will Really help your fish.
the cloudiness probably is a bactieral(sp) bloom,
it will go with time.
oh yeah one more thing(i do waffle alot)
once you are cycled get some more corydoras,as they do best in
a larger group.
i'll shhhh now. :)
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Originally Posted by beetlebz
thanks! I couldnt be happier to have found this board. Everyone I talk to has a different opinion about what to do or not to do, and rarely are any of them right. A central resource full of people that know what theyre doing, are willing to help out, and enjoy it as much as I do is a jackpot.

believe it or not, I actually had a guy try telling me that if I took an hour or two to acclimate them, I could put a couple ocellaris clowns in with my bala sharks and cory cats. soo yeah Im happy to be here ;)

No way that I can verbalize how "good your comments make me feel".
I, the Mods, and the forum members spend a "ton of time" posting in threads and very, very rarely do we get feedback such as you have expressed.

Back on Topic
I can recommend the TetraTest Laborett and Tetra Test No3 for your test kits.
I have have "very good luck" with them.

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thanks so much willow, jones :)

unfortunately borrowing some of their bio media might not be possible. Im not sure what kind of biofilters one runs, and the other that helped me set it up doesnt have any fish at all at the moment, but has had many tanks in the past.

I will pick up one of those test kits this week for sure to see where im at. how long do you guys think it will be doing daily water changes for my tank to "stabilize"?

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an uncycled tank can take up to 6 weeks,
not saying that it will,some cycle sooner.
umm difficult to say about the water changes until
you have your test kit,as we can't tell how
your water is getting on,it may look clear,however
that does not mean it's not burning the gills,
if your fish start to gasp for air at the top of the tank
then that will be an indectaion that they are struggling,
also watch the gills,if they are turning red,then they are burning
with toxins in the water.oh i forgot to add.don't touch your filter !!
it needs to build up the colany.
haha i think i need to change my name from willow
to waffle pot. :)
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oh I let this one slip lol

i got my API master kit yesterday... ammonia is 5ppm nitrates are 4ppm and nitrites are 0.. PH is 7.4

how bad is it? <cringe>

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post #16 of 29 Old 08-11-2007, 11:35 AM
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You need to get your ammonia and nitrites down as much as possible by doing a series of largish water changes.

Test the water daily and keep this up, and hopefully you'll see your ammonia drop soon and the nitates start to show.

It could be helpful if you could add some media from an established tank to help things along - bag of used gravel transferred from another tank would do.
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ive been doing 30% water changes about every 2 days or so. after the water change last night some of my tetras started to get their colors back. maybe ill step it up to once a day..

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don't forget, Don't clean out your filter !!!!
it needs to build up the bactiera colony.
keep up with the water changes,it will
help the fish,as they will be suffering wth the
effects of the poisons in the water.
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I have a little HOB regent filter... has a filter pad and a bio pad separate. I rinse the filter pad under cold water to get the brown goopies off when i do WCs but i never touch the bio filter. should I not rinse the regular filter either? I just replaced it yesterday...

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gosh i don't think you should be doing that,
the untreated tap water will kill off anything worth having.
when you do a water change,are you putting de-chlorinater in
the new tap water before it goes in your tank ?
the filter pads can be rinsed in old tank water that you have removed
during a water change,also never change all the pads at once.
you will never cycle.
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