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yes, we test for NH3, NO2/NO3, PO4 and the like, but is that all that is present?

can't we infer that the best conditions for fish in an aquarium are those most closely match those in which they evolved?
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Originally Posted by funkman262 View Post
While we're at it I should just toss some predator fish into my tank because that's what they evolved with...
You can toss them where the sun don't shine if it sees fit, doesn't mean it's going to work out to your advantage.

Originally Posted by Quantum View Post
the ocean is only 240 gals?
Perhaps instead of filling this thread with unneeded garbage, try posting with something that is on topic and isn't a jab because you couldn't post a proper rebuttal statement.


There are two logical points I found paramount from reading this thread. One being that one can successfully setup a system that allows infrequent water changes and the other being that water changes are a necessity for some.

ReefingMadness showed his point that he has a successful setup that requires infrequent water changes. Not many people will or can do this type of setup thus they will require more frequent water changes.

The point here being that it is possible to maintain an aquarium without doing weekly or monthly water changes. There has been very little knowledgeable debate throughout the entire thread and I find a majority of what has been posted to be highly misleading to users that will potentially read portions of this thread without reading the entire thread to get the full facts.

There are 3 types of people in this thread currently, the one that prefers frequent water changes, the one that prefers infrequent changes, and the idiots who don't know which one is which so they decide with the one who has the most followers.

Feel free to take your "stabs" at me if you wish, I will surely take them into advisement.
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What had started out as an intelligent, healthy debate has taken a turn for the worst. Cut the crap with the insults and mud flinging. There is nothing gained in just cutting each other down. People have different ways of taking care of their fish. One thing we have in common. We all care about our fish otherwise we would not take the time to join a forum. I, for one, am tired of my phone getting blown up with emails only to open the thread to such garbage as what is being currently dished out. I think it's time for the mods to lock this thread.

Edit: Now if I can only figure out how to unsubscribe from a thread. I have never done that in all my years being on this forum.
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Argumentative posts have been removed.
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