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Newby here! Hi everyone... I need help.

I have recently adopted a 40 gallon tank, fish and all. I can't identify all of my new pets and have problems with the water, of course. Looking for help, suggestions, or directions.
OK, like I said it is a 40 gallon, freshwater tank. Sand substrate with Marineland 280 filter. There are 4 or 5 live plants with 5 plastic ornaments. The tank holds 2 small kuhlie loachs, 3 firemouth cichlids, 1 electric blue hap, 2 that I believe may be flame tetras, and two small placos, and one very large placo, possibly sail fin placo. The large one is appr. 14". There is also one 6" under the sand, that may be eel? 3 shark or catfish? I have not been able to identify these three online or in the store. HELP?
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Welcome to fishforum! What sort of water problems do you have? It would be helpful if you could tell us your water parameters- the nitrite, nitrate, pH and ammonia levels. If you're having trouble identifying your fish, you could browse through the stickies on the top of each forum that have photos of different breeds. You could also post photos of any fish you get stuck on.
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Welcome to the FishForum. :) Here is a sticky that has links to several pieces of useful information:
Do you have pictures of your fish? If you could post them it would make them easier to identify. Also, it would help if you post more specific info. about your water problems or questions you may have.

Fancying the fish world!
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I edited my first post. I have looked through many of the list and still do not know a few of my pets. I can give you details of this adoption and the the water levels now if this would allow some help for me.
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Ick, with all of those plecos that seems to be a very overstocked tank. Even just that one 14" pleco is too big to be housed in a tank with that footprint. I bet he can barely turn around. And all of that pleco poo will definitely cause water problems.

I hate to say it, but you should seriously consider finding a large home and unloading a couple of those plecos into it.
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I agree- plus kuhli loaches do much better in larger groups. If you got rid of the large bottom dwellers you'd have more room for loaches, which means they'll be a lot less shy, and a lot more fun.
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hi and welcome aboard.
if you could post as much information on your tank,
then it will help members to help you. :)
even the smallest detail that you may think not important will be
a help,
best thing don't panic if you can help it.
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info o n tank

I came across an opp to get another tank and start...When I got there to pick it up, the power had been off for days the water was maybe 50 deg. The fish were not moving and floating or had sank and laying on the bottom of the tank....I could not leave them in this distress and decided other than just take the equipment I went for I brought the fish as well. I was able to get about 20 gallons of their water. When I got home I felt they were all in shock or dead, none the less I didn't want to kill them and throw them out. I knew chances were very slim, but I put them back in the tank and said 'I'll give them a fair chance.' That is how I ended up with this overcrowded tank.
I decided since after a day or two the fish looked fair, I would do my best to give them the best chance I could. That's when I found this forum and asked for help.
Like I said, I kept about 20 galloms of their water and added 10 gallons or so of spring water. I put the same filter on, even though I had already ordered a new one. I slowly let the water warm and them turned the heater on. The water test have been the same for a few days: PH is 7.6, amonia is .25, Nitrite is .50, and Nitrate is ow 1.0. I was asking for help to keep as many as possible since they are really fighting for it!
I have found a friend that has a 150 gallon that wants the Large Dude! I do have a few pics though of the others I want to case they make it.
All of the stickers and suggestions are of start up and maintaining..I need suggestios to help these new pets make it if I can.

All help appreciated.
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well, you will need to do water changes,and i would suggest
that you warm the water to the same as the tank,you can do this
either by using a heater,or using boiled water to bring the
temperature up,reason i say this is the fish are suffering as it is,
so it's one stress to lessen.
could your friend give you a filter pad,media from their tank,as this
would Really help a great deal.feed the fish once a day,and try to be sure it's not too much
if you see food floating down in the water chances are it's
too much.
hope others will help here i can't think of anything else apart
from the importance of the water changes,as this will reduce the toxins
in the water.
good for you to rescue these fish,and i hope it's going to be ok.
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With the ammonia and nitrite levels it is important to do small, frequent (every few days) water changes to help lower those levels. Probably around 15% water change. Check the water parameters every day until they lower. Ideally you want 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and nitrate less than 20 ppm.
Keep the water a constant temperature with the heater. Most filter media need to be changed at least monthly, but it depends on the type. If it has been a while and you need to change it but your new media hasn't come in yet, at least rinse it out in the tank water.

Could you post the pics of the fish you need to ID? If not in this forum, the the Freshwater Fish Species and Compatibility forum. Then, once you know all of your fish you can see what water levels they all prefer, and if they are compatible.

I'm glad the large pleco got a new possible home! Don't worry - you're doing great so far.

Fancying the fish world!
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