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The pics also look a bit fuzzy but thats just my cell phone camera. Sorry!
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Also I think someone mentioned that the fiddler crabs needed land.... THey climb up the plants now and hang out ontop of the filter that is in the tank when the lights are on. I think they are trying t get a tan.
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Wait...those look like plastic plants, that's all I can see?
I didn't see any live ones...
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I thought that, but i think maybe the sword on the right is live?
If so, it really wants to come out of that pot, out of all the fibre (what is this again?annoying) and planted in the substrate

55G tall planted community
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sorry bout that the plants are small and the plastic ones hide most of them on the pic, The good news is I just set up my new tank. HEre are the specs:
55 Gallon tank.
7 medium-large plants.
two heaters
4 foot of air stones with a 100 gallon air pump
2 FLuvale 50 gallon filters that clean 200 gph each
60 pounds of aquarium sand.
So the next question is now how long should I let it cycle for? My tap water is well watter and after fillling the tank I added API stress zymes+ and Stress Coat + I also checked the pH and it is 7.2 and 0 on amonia.... Just wnana make sure this one is done right and I dont screw it all up like the last
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Nice upgrade.

Cycle takes as long as it takes.... I skipped it by adding tons of plants as they take up the ammonia produced by the fish and wastes immediately, no cycle needed. Water, plants and fish after the plants settle in for a few days. I found that one plant (the plants usually come in bunches, even as many as 9 or 10 depending on the store) per gallon of water is good if they are all fast growers, stems, floaters.

If plants interst you check out my plant thread as I list the plants that I used and a few other tidbits

Add fish gradually.... I went with 12 barbs on my fish addition and think, for a 37 gallon, they were a bit too much at once as my tank cycled anyway, although it was jut a quick nitrite spike.

You still end up with all the bacteria but they don't need to be there as as large a quantity so the silent cycle is much less pronounced and much quicker... I think that most even miss the little spike that they might have depending on the fish load added.

If you are fixed on no plants and cycling or even cycling first then plants, I hear 5 weeks is not unusual.


Total years fish keeping experience: 7 months, can't start counting in years for a while yet.

The shotgun approach to a planted tank with an LED fixture

Small scale nitrogen cycle with a jar, water and fish food; no substrate, filter etc
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First off let me start off by thanking everyone who has given input on my monstrosity of a starter tank. I would also like to thank suishylittlefishies for introducing me to the aqadvisor. I filled my new tank up with tap water (I have a well and there is no farms nearby, so no chemicals in water), added stress coat plus (Just because and it has alo in it) and stress zimes. I waited 48 hours and transferred all of the fish over to my new tank and they are doing great. I even bought a couple of more. After taking the plants out of their holders I found out that I have a total of about 30 plants, but I left some bunched up for now. So here is the final of what I have set up, I WILL NOT be adding any more fish as the aqadvisor says I am at 77% and that is good enough for me:
55 gallon tank
60 pounds of sand
2 aquaclear 50 filters which filter 400 gallons per hour (I like these better because they have separate sponge, carbon and bio packets and the carbon packets are big)
2 150 watt heaters
1 100 gallon air pump running two 1.5 foot air stones
bunch of fake plants
approximately 30 live plants (6 medium Anubias barteri, 20 chlorophytum comosum and a few other ones I can not identify)
few decorations with good hiding spots.
12 Male fancy guppies
3 pregnant female fancy guppies (If they overpopulate too much I will be a local free fish store)
2 3" banneded Gourami (I think there banded they were sold to me as Rainbow Gourami)
2 1.5" Dalmatian Mollies
2 .75" freshwater flounder
1 .75" glo fish
2 .25" neon tetra
1 3"zigzag eel (Finally found out what he was)
1 2" Raphael Catfish
2 1.5 Rainbow Sharks
2 .50" clown loach
1 .75" left over Rosy Red Feeder fish
1 male fiddler crab
1 female fiddler crab
8 large freshwater clams
10ish ghost shrimp (Leave em for food for the crabs and others)

After all the advice I have received and all the extensive reading I feel that if there was a scale from 1-10 of fish owners I went from a -50 to at least a 3.5. I would not have been able to do it without you all! I am going to try to take a pic of the new set up with the fish in it in the next couple of days for ya all. Thanks again to everyone for everything!
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Fresh water clams, really? I've never heard much mention of these in aquariums.... sounds different. Where do you get those from?

Sounds like you've got it dialled in now, great!

With the plants you won't need or want the carbon in the filters, they suck up some of what the plants use... It might not hurt short term but may reduce the effectiveness of any fertilizers you may add and you really don't want to have to keep changing them when they expire anyway.


Total years fish keeping experience: 7 months, can't start counting in years for a while yet.

The shotgun approach to a planted tank with an LED fixture

Small scale nitrogen cycle with a jar, water and fish food; no substrate, filter etc
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I bought the clams at my LFS aquarium center in Blackwood New Jersey. I also live on a lake and in the summer time you can find 100s of live fresh water clams, they are a bit smaller in size in the lake but it's freshwater and they live there. The clams I got are about equivelnt to Top neck clams. I bought them because they are filter feeders and figured that nay extra filtration that I can get is good.
As for the Carbon Filters I am going to leave them in for a month or so untill I am sure I have a good bacteria colony established after that point I I think I will remove one at a time and see if there is any changes! Thanks for this advice!!
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Those are tiny Clown loaches!
I think your setup sounds good. One thing I wanted to point out is the Neon Tetras. They'll probably do ok with all the guppies in there but I imagine they would flourish in a shoal. If you purchase anymore fish I would probably get about 4 to 6 more of them so they will school together. Besides, they look great when they do!

About the unknown plants. You should attach some images of them and I'm sure we could figure out what is what
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