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Newbie to Aquariums seeking advice


I am looking at getting he follwoing Aquarium:

JUWEL Rekord 800, 700 & 600 The perfect starter Aquarium for all ages from Juwel Aquarium UK (600).

I have been maintaining my own outdoor pond for 15+ years with no probems but now want to try my hand at the indoor variety! So with this in mind i was wondering what is the ideal stocking types of fish and density to ensure good health and minimal water quality issues with the above aquarium are?

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
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Welcome to the forum.

In a small aquarium like the one you'll be getting, you'll be looking at smaller fish that aren't highly active swimmers (they'd need a bigger tank to have more room to swim). As to the types of fish, start with your water type. If you take a sample up to a local aquarium shop, or find out from your water supplier, the hardness and pH of your local water, you can look at the fish that suit your water parameters.

You could be considering guppies (they like harder water) and/or some tetras (some can tolerate harder water, some like soft water, there are a lot of different types, you'd need to select smaller ones). Celestial pearl danios are supposed to be nice (they don't have them here, I don't know where you live and whether they are a possibility). You could have cory catfish (I love cories - I think everyone should have cories!). You'd be looking to get some fish that hang about on the bottom (like cories) and other fish that swim at the middle and top.

You'll have options - but start with your water parameters. Also, have a look in the shops and see what's available. It's no use thinking you'd like, say, celestial pearl danios and then find out that they are unavailable where you live. Check out the Tropical Fish Profiles (second tab from the left at the top of the forum) to see the requirements for any fish you like the look of at your local shop. If it needs a bigger tank or doesn't suit your water parameters, you can then rule it out.

Edited to add: If you have room, going for the 800 model would increase your options.

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Thanks Tanker i live in the Uk in a soft water area i beleive. I have noticed the below and it may be a better option?

Juwel Lido 120 Aquarium - Garden Site - your online Garden Centre

120 litres so gives me better options?

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My recommendation is to get as big a tank as you can manage to fit and can afford.

I started with a 35-litre, then a 75-litre as well, then a 250-litre as well, then a 165-litre instead of the 75-litre.... When you start looking at the fish you'd like to have, you are very restricted in what you can choose for a small tank. If you really get interested in keeping fish, you'll end up wanting more or different types that you can't have in your small tank.

As you've already got a pond, you're obviously familiar with what's involved in having fish and know already that you like having them, so it seems unlikely that you'd get a tank, fail miserably at keeping your fish alive, get tired of it and give up, so I'd get as big as you can, right from the get-go.
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