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new ten gallon with a lot of air bubbles

I set up my new ten gallong over 15 hours ago complete with water conditioner etc.. I turned on the light this morning to check it our and there are air bubbles clinging to the walls, filter, heater and pretty much EVERYTHING.. is this normal? Also will I still be able to add my fish later?

Its been a while since I had a ten gallon. I'm so used to the three gallon.
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Don't worry it's normal to see bubbles after adding water to tanks new or old. I thing it's just oxyen, not sure. As for fish I unless you plan to keep plants, you have to cycle first. Which lets all of the good bacteria build, that fish need to live. I'm pretty someone else will add on

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Size won't really matter, except for stocking, and maintenance.

Converting from 3 gallon to 10 gallon would be less stressful on you.

1st thing you need to get, now that you have your tank running almost a full day, would be a bacteria starter. you'll also need to cycle your tank either with or without fish.

If you want to plant real plants, I suggest you empty about 75% of your water and plant your plants, then refill your tank with water and conditioner and let it run for another 24 hours before adding in bacteria starter.

As Jayy stated, air bubbles are natural, they are just oxygen trapped inside, they will go away in a few days.

Once your tank has ran for a full day, you can add bacteria starter to your tank and slowly "feed the tank" Every 2-3 days, feed a pinch of fish food and let it rot in the tank, this will allow you to begin your cycling period.

Test the water once every 3-4 days, you should see an ammonia spike, fall, nitrite spike, fall, and nitrate spike, fall.

Once you see this happen, you should be able to do a 50% water change, run for another 12 hours/24 hours and then begin adding fish the day after - this is my method, but of course you don't have to follow to the letter except to check for the ammonia, nitrites, and nitrate levels.

These are really general guidelines to start your aquarium, there are other variations and i'm sure others will help out with this thread as well.

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