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new tank syndrome.

well now for someone who has been keeping fish for
a while you'd think i'd remember don't you..............well
no i don't.i just usually set up a new tank with pre seeded stuff,and
it's just it's been done forever.
set the tank back up yesterday(no pics sorry long story)just did it.
sand was washed until the water was clear and no residue was present,
and then even washed again,lost count of the amount of rinses lol.
gravel washed,wood washed,plants real and fake washed.
tank re filled and heated,small filter running as the main one
is on the life support for the contained fish.
the tank is cloudy this morning,now am i having a bacterial bloom ?
is it safe to put my fishies back today ?
will it clear with the main filter on. ?

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You have used material from existing tank to help jumpstart the new tank and that is good. You need some sort of ammonia source for bacteria to feed on either a piece of shrimp or fish. As long as ammonia levels are kept below lethal levels then fish could be added SLOWLY probably wouldn't add them all at once. Yes it could be bacteria bloom you are seeing. Could also be caused from sand . I washed the sand I used in 29 gal. until I was crosseyed and still , the water clouded. It cleared within 24 hours with the filter running. When using seed material ie filter, gravel etc. I usually leave it in the tank for at least a week maybe two before removing it.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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this tank had to be shut down because i was decorating and having
new carpet laid,the fish were put into a container and the
heaters and filter were conected to the container.
i guess a bit like moving house and re-setting back up the tank.
so when i add the big filter back on do you think this will clear ?
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Foot note to previous post. You do realize that washing everything in the tank only leaves the seed material you put in for beneficial bacteria right? In that case i would proably use some shrimp in nylon to create ammonia source otherwise the bacteria will die. I know you know all this already just double checking with you. :)

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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i confuse myself sometimes lol
thanks. :)
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