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Your water isn't acidic then, not even a bit. It's mildly basic, perhaps even more. Do you have a high end ph test?

Did you test straight from the tap?
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OmegaKeeper (07-31-2013)
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ahh no not from tap from another tank, so 7.5 is ok then odd that thats the highest the test gos lol
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Do you have the high range pH test? It usually comes with the kit.
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oh no it was the LFS that did the tests, ive done a 25% water change so i hope that would help and ill get it tested again net week, anyways lets get back on topic,my 60l tank: as i said i wona use micro gravel (2-3mm) im thinking 6kg should be enough for a nice substrate for the plants? (its a 60x30cm tank if any1 wants to do the calculations) and im prity much gona get all the plants in the beginner guide on the main page. any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by OmegaKeeper View Post

yeah cherry barbs are nice but i read that they can be a bit nippy?
Generally they are not, but they can be when improperly kept (too small of a tank, too small of a school). I would not get them for your tank.

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just got some ph test strips and my tap water is 7ph and my small 12liter tank is about 8ph, 6-8 would be around neutral ph so i think im ok with 50% tap/50% bottled water (treated with safe water of course) for my 60liter tank.

i think ur all right that 4 shoals might be to much so i might do this:

6x harlequin rasbora
6X cherry bard OR rummynose
6x dainty corys

so instead of 20 fish in 4 shoals its 18fish in 3 shoals, would this be more acceptable?
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I have Harlequins and they are mid tank dwellers not top (or at least mine have been for last 7 months)

I have not had fish for long but 18 fish in a 60l tank sounds a bit busy, once you plants establish there won't be a lot of room for them.

I have a 90l tank and the most I have had at one time is 13 fish and 3 shrimp, and that was just about comfortable for the fish. The tank could cope water quality wish due to the plants, but think it will be a bit cramped.

Anyway, I am sure someone with better experience than me will let you know.
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yeah using the 1inch rule u should get 15-16 fish max in a 60liter but with over filtering and plants u could get more shoaling fish in there happily i would think. and cause im trying to get fish that like different levels of water should help also but im just guessing there.
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