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New tank is set up!

Set up the new tank! Stock ideas?

Well originally I was going to go with a 40 gallon that my mom was using for her turtle(who had outgrown the tank) but instead my Dad ended up giving me his 55 gallon with stand and all other equipment included! Once the water is all set I plan on moving just my blue gourami and gold gourami into it. Right now they are in a 20 gallon and that's obviously not going to be big enough for them for life. What can I put in with my gouramis? I would really love to get some kind of spiny eel(love the Fire eels!) but I'm not sure if they would do well with my set up. I've got a sand substrate and plan on planting the tank fairly well. I will be trying to create a moss wall on the back wall of the tank once I get the supplies. I'll also be looking into better lighting as it's lit with florescent lights right now. Here is a picture of it from tonight.

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you might wanna check the water params first before adding a fish.i think you know that don't you.see if the waters acidic or alkaline, soft or hard some fish will do well and are more to forgiving to water params which fluctuate easily during water changes.get those type they are hardier..find fishes that are in the semi-aggressive community range like angelfish, discus and other non-aggressive cichlids plus a bottom dweller will do well in there too.

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Agtree. Once we know your tap water parameters, we can direct you to various possible fish.

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