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Ok well after spending hours on that site and looking at just about every fish they had, my head is swirling even more. There was a goregous cichlid, i cant recall the name but i think it was referred to as the blue dolphin head, something of that sort. Well after long consideration, I don't want a cichlid tank since they are not always friendly. I thought the hatchetfish were cute and fun, but it says they are prone to ick?? Gouramis as well, very beautiful fish, but it says they are prone to disease? The one fish i really enjoyed was the harlequin rosabarbs. This is a lil weird on my part, but I am deathly afraid of eels, and anything that resembles eels, which is why I can't figure out why I want a kuhli loach. I read the reviews on it and it seems like a great fish???? I am more confused now, then when I started. I have a pleco and I want to keep him happy, so I dont know if getting the loaches will upset him, since they all like the bottom of the tank and hiding places....also I really would like some schooling fish, thats the best part of having a tank. But it seems like all the schooling fish are livebearing, and after some reading it seems like the livebeares are just popping them out faster than you can figure ot what to do with them....I don't want to wake up one morning and realize my tank has been taken over??? any help.....please
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The Harlequin Rasboras are a great schooling fish. I love my Harlies. They are not live bearers so you shouldn't worry about constantly having fry with them.

How big is your tank?

150 Gallon - Mostly American Cichlids
135 Gallon - Angelfish Community
75 Gallon - Odd couple (Polleni/Angelfish)
55 Gallon - African tank
20 Gallon Long - QT
10 Gallon - Empty
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I have a 20 tall. I think schooling fish are the best and am very interested in getting some. I saw in one of the forums someone mentioned aquabids, so I have been checking that out and am seeing a whole new array of fish. So I am very busy educating myself about what has appealed to me so far. Everyone has been so helpful so far, thank you again.
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A 20g tank is a good size tank for a small school of a couple different fish. Id even consider something like tetras... there are TONS of great tetras for a tank like that. Full bodied tetras like longfin congos, black skirts, diamonds, bleeding hearts... a mid sized school of any of those would be a beautiful centerpiece for a 20g. Then theres fish like harlequin rasboras which someone mentioned, or even a pair of dwarf gouramis (although im not so sure they would be my first choice for a beginner).

ahh another educated beginner hooked into the first stages of MTS...

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Alright my new fish friends,... I went shopping today, went to 3 diff lfs to see what everyone had and what my options were. No one had the harlequins, which I really wanted :(, so I cam home with 1 black loach, 1 kuhli loach, 2 austrailin rainbows which are still maturing in color, 3 rasabarbs, i forget which ones already,lol, 6 neon tetras, 6 danios ( 3 are zebra, 2 are long finned zebra, and 1 is a leopard long fin), and I got 2 cherry barbs, which i now see one is very pregnant!! All of them are pretty small so it still looks a lil empty. Most of the fish are close to full grown. Everyone is still a lil skittish and getting ready to the tank, my my cherry barbs quickly claimed the back corner of the tank, im sure that has more to do with the baby arrival. And all of my tetras are hanging at the bottom in the middle. Everyone else is swimming about, checking everything out. I am very happy with the choices I made, but was wondering if I still had room for anyone else. I would like something with more color, so far the only thing in my tank with any color are te neons, and my male cherry barb.......again i have a 20 tall?????
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That's a lot to add at once. Expect a spike in ammonia and perhaps a mini-cycle.

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Whats a mini-cycle? how long does that last, is there anything i should do???? I thought that it might be to much, but the employee swore otherwise....i shoulda none...
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Originally Posted by jmelissa82
Whats a mini-cycle? how long does that last, is there anything i should do???? I thought that it might be to much, but the employee swore otherwise....i shoulda none...
A 'mini cyle' occurs when one adds too many fish at once to a cycled aquarium. The influx of Ammonia from the over-abundance of fish overwhelms the nitrafying bacteria, as there aren't enough of them to handle that much of a bioload. Thus, the Ammonia the fish produce stays in the bulk water, and Ammonia is very toxic to fish (and people, for that matter). Thus, you get a surge of Ammonia referred to as a mini cycle. You should change 30 percent of the water daily with water of the same temperature and chemical makeup of your tank every day until the bacteria reproduce in such numbers to handle the bioload of that number of fish. You're doing the daily partial changes to dilute the Ammonia. A week to tend days of this and you shouldn't have any problems with the Ammonia and Nitrite, though you might have to continue the daily changes due to the following Nitrate surge.
It'll take some time to overcome your mistake of adding too much fish at once, but you can do it, and you've learned a lesson; store people only care about selling - they don't care about you or your fish. If you do the water changing program I described above, you may not lose any fish from the Ammonia surge (aka mini-cycle). And make DEAD sure the water change water is the same temperature and quality as that in the tank.
Good luck,

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thank you so much, even though i have only had these guys for a few hours im attavhed and dont want to loe any... i will surely try my best...thanks again
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