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new tank

I shall be starting a new tank in a month. i am not sure what parts to buy. i intend on gettin a juwel rio 180 with a fluval 350 external filter. are they any good? what are good brands to get. what type of lighting should i be looking for?
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Welcome aboard.

I would have to say "yes" although Eheim filters would be the better choice as a lot have claimed that Fluval can easily become defective.

Lighting really depends on your choice. Arcadia and Interpet can work but again, it's up to you to choose. Choose fluorescent lights, not the incandescent ones as incandescents tend to produce heat which will also warm up the water. You can choose between pink and white. A combination of pink and white encourages plant growth. For a heavily planted tank, aim 5 watts per gallons. Sparsely-planted tank may have 2 watts per gallon.
Plants that can thrive in dimly-litted tanks:
Javan moss(Vesicularia dubyana), Javan fern(Micresorium pteropus), anubias, vallisneria, hygrophila polysperma and cryptocoryne.
Those are suitable to beginners.
You may try the elodea densa and ceratophyllum demersum.

You may try a read with this:
Maintenance Guide:

Good luck and hope you all the best, mate.:D
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Blue is perfectly right, for the filteration I have a emperor 400 and a magnum 350 canister filter. Its on a reef tank put can be used for both. The magnum 350 is the better of the 2, if you keep the canister and tubes clean it will keep your tank crystal clear. The good thing about it is if you use the fiber filter for it you never have to buy a new one when it gets dirty you simply mix 3 parts water to 1 part bleach. Let that soak 24 hours, and spray it clean with a hose and it perfectly good. If you don't feel safe using it after you spray it off, just let it dry over night.
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I'm going to add that as for the filter media, you need only the foam, floss and ceramic chips(if available in the package).
Pls do not use the activated carbon as part of the filter media. Use that only for removal of stains, tannins and meds.
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Blue, I was wondering how do the ceramic chips work? Ang what are there used for.
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Ceramic chips allow the population of beneficial bacteria to produce and thrive. Beneficial bacteria breaks down fish wastes up to the harmless nitrates.
Use only the ones designed for the aquariums.

That's optional, usmc. It depends whether you like them or not or if the filter has space. Foams and floss are a must though.
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I was just wondering. I've seen them in lsf but never knew any one that use them. I guess it's like a bio-wheel.
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Biowheels are the ones with rotating wheels. They can easily stuck up but lubricants can be used to ease the wheels. You need to dismantle the biowheel everytime you clean the media in it.
I don't think it's very important. Just stick with the filter. Filters also housed beneficial bacteria.
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I use bio-wheels in my emperor 400 and have never had to dismantle the bio-wheels. Its true they do get stuck every now and then.
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