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Red face new tank

Hello everyone, my wife and I decided to get our 55 gal out of the garage and start it back up again. pretty much all the equip we used to have is either broke or missing so we are starting from scratch :S. today i went and bought a Penguin 350 with the dual bio wheel. we plan to get things one at a time to make it more affordable. but ill ge tto my question(s). i do remember about the "cycle" and how much of a pain it was and all the dead loss we had and countless trips to the pet store. i was reading the cycle post somewhere on here and it mentioned fishless cycleing but the link was dead. can anyone explain how to cycle a tank w/o fish? we also plan to have a heavily live planted aquarium and sand bottom. any tips of cichlid tank set up anbd supply would be awsome.

Thanks, Money
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hi,welcome aboard
what type of cichlids are you looking at keeping,
any rock work will need to be placed carefully due to digging,you
wouldn't want a cave in,plants will probably be nipped at,however i like having
plants in with mine,makes the tank softer looking.
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Great thanks for the link! was exactly what i was lookin for.
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