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Its me again, Do I still have to change the water everyday? Is this will give more stress on the fish?
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Its me again sorry, the test kit for ammonia is 2 liquid reagent which I mix with the water from the tank.
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Hi Swing. As long as you have ammonia and nitrite readings you do have to keep doing water changes. The water changes will dilute the ammonia.

What kind of test kit are you using, as I don't understand your ammonia reading. Is it a liquid test kit, and what make is it?

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Originally Posted by Swing
Its me again, Do I still have to change the water everyday? Is this will give more stress on the fish?
Try to monitor water stats before doing water changes.
If you detect ammonia and nitrites, do water changes so you can dilute them immediately.:)
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Its waterlife ammonia test. Its a liquid test kit which I mix with 2 reagents then I check the color chart. Theres a calculation after that:
Measured total ammonia x % unionized ammonia (from given table chart) devided by 100.
It says "any unionized ammonia reading above 0.1mgs/litre is dangerous if persists. Reading above 0.75 mgs/ltre are swiftly lethal and partial water changes are urgently needed."

I got result .01574 Its below dangerous reading. So home free!!! I have to think about larger tank in a years time???I have to save from now on. I'll keep you all posted for any news. So far its good. :D I'll post if i will encounter any problem.
Thank you for all your support.
Blue keep up the good work!!
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the cloudiness is probably just your sand being stirred up when you do your water change, this will happen every time you change your water unless you put a plate in your tank to pour your water on so it wont irritate your sand...the sand will settle in 24 hours time. =)

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Welcome, Swing! I am glad to hear your fish are surviving. cycling your tank does take a bit of time, just be patient.

Goldfish thrive in cooler waters, with lots of oxygen. We have already determined that you may have over crowded your tank, but since you cannot take them back: in addition to awaiting the tank to be cycled correctly, try to use a 'more than adequate' mechanical filter on the tank, and add extra aeration ( a bubble wall perhaps?) to the tank. Although the fancy-tailed goldfish (like the black moor) don't care for lots of current in the tank, the over-crowded tank will be better off with more oxygen. The current, caused by the additional aeration bubbles, will provide the extra oxygen that goldfish thrive on. :) Good luck to you.

You know what the definition of hobby is: something of interest that is going to cost you lots of money!
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