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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
Kelly, I'd never heard this before. I keep a betta in a heavily planted 6gl and I've had "my guy" for nearly two years. He's strong and healthy. As always, adding my 2 cents, LOL.
Please note, I agree with all the other info in your well written post!
In an edge or a normal tank? I meant the edge because there is only one little square of surface for labyrinths or cories to gulp air from.

For plants (I love plants had I mentioned this before) what kind of light do you have over the 6g? Do you know the wattage, Kelvin rating, Lumens?
The Edge I believe has a halogen light so low light plants only. I have seen people simply sit a CFL Strip on top of the glass (in front of the light/box/filter/top thingy).

ALSO. Threadfin rainbows. Just read a blurb on them the other day. You should look them up.

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The halogen may not necessarily be bad, just really dep on the wattage/ kelvin/ lumens of the bulb in it (or exchange it for a proper plant one).

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im not sure about the lighting in lumens or kelvin. They are 2 x 10W halogens. MR11 compatible. I have been looking at MR11 LEDs which i have heard will improve the lighting, but the best i can find for lumens and kelvin are 15 quid a bulb which seems a bit expensive.
There have been a few people that have modded the lighting to include a small bulb to fit in the hood unit, bit it looks a bit dodgy to me, if the bulb were to somehow become detatched it could fall into the tank.
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Don't mix Badis species with small fish!

I keep a Badis badis pair (actually a trio as I've had one fry survive to adulthood) with some zebra danios. I wanted to increase the size of my danio school so bought four more. Unfortunately, the big male Badis ate all four within an hour or two. These fish are extremely predatory and will eat any fish small enough to fit in their quite large mouths. These danios were about half his length and about a quarter to a third of his body size. Adult Endler's and galaxy rasboras and things of that size would get eaten for sure.

Since your pH is on the high side, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you've got fairly hard water. In that case, I'd go with the Endler's as they'd do great in those conditions. Should do well with a bunch of cherry shrimp in a planted tank!

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yeah the water is quite hard in this area.
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