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I'm running A LOT of light on my 10 gallon with the crypts. 13,000k in total. I'll direct the other member here as well.
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New member looking for ideas and input

I'd hate to see a trimmed crypt lol. Would look weird .. And too obviously trimmed .

Sure there are lots of plants that grow up to reach the light but also many plants (crypts included) that grow up and very bushy in just simply the right aquarium and care . My 55g has run both 65k t8 with reflectors and a fluval plant and aqua LED which is definitely in the high light category . Only difference when the fluval light went on there ... In regards to my crypts .. Is they turned more red as did a few other plants . However they continued to grow up more then half the height of the tank . BUT only in the spot where it wasn't shaded . I have one on the other end slightly more shaded that was planted the same time from the same package .. It's a quarter the size as the one out of the shade

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Well I gave in to temptations and bought 2 cobalt blue/powder blue dwarf gouramis on friday, they look wicked in there, i'm guessing they are both male as have very vibrant colours and are slightly aggressive towards each other... So I thought today I would get 2 more dwarf gouramis to make a bit of a group so that aggression is not a 1 on 1 thing, and add some different colour this time though.

So far all the fish seem very happy and comfortable, the gourami aggression is almost non-existent even though I think all fish may be males, hope it stays this way. The Kubotai loaches absolutely love the java fern I planted last week, and the BN love the driftwood that I added to the tank.
Also looks great with the new lights on there.

Next plans...
-Maybe plant another large water sprite in opposite rear corner as the gouramis seem to like this when they want cover.
-Thinking about making the background black, originally chose the whiter cichlidish background as it made the driftwood stand out but I think black will highlight the plants more... the tank looks alot greener in real life than the photos
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Definitely rehome 3 of them. They will kill each other and you will end up with one. The tank looks good though.
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Are they really that bad with aggression? They don't seem to mind each others company, the only aggression that is shown is from one fish when it is in one particular part of the tank in a plant, like it's protecting it's favourite spot. When it's not in that spot its fine.

Did a little bit more planting and also decided to remove the background from the tank and paint it black, should get a pic up of it soon...
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Well just cuz you dont see aggression doesnt mean it isnt happening. People who get multiplies will wake up one day and one will be died, after another week another one, ect... It is the safe thing to only have 1 male or 1 male and 2-3 females.
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I agree, please return three of the gourami for their own good. Just the stress of being with others will kill them even if you see no aggression.
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