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yeah, I am really interested in saltwater tank, and if i did one i would stick with the fish only for a while, with some live rock (i think this is what a fish only tank consists of?). i posted another thread asking what I would need to add or change with the current set up I am looking at (posted in the saltwater aquarium forum)
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You got some good advice here on your next tank purchase, but a few things i disagree with......First a canister filter is not really all that complicated............Water goes in, goes thru your filter media and back into the tank.......Spending alot of money on a Fluval or Eheim (Both very good filter)s to me is just throwing extra money in your tank.......Rena makes an XP series canister filter that i have been using for years, with absolutely no problems....They are alot cheaper than the other 2 previously mentioned.........Second, you can take your old filter media and put that in your canister to help jump start the cycle in the new tank.......It will be quicker and easier for you......Third, someone mentioned about replacing your filter media in your current filter...............The only time i would replace media in a HOB type filter is if it is literally falling apart...........Rinse your media in old tank water (water from a water change) and place it right back into the filter.............Replacing the media is killing off alot of the good bacteria in your tank, if lightly stocked, it probably wouldnt matter, but IMO why take the chance, plus your not spending money on new media every couple weeks.....Fourth, turning a tank from a saltwater setup to freshwater is not a big deal..........Done it with no ill effects on the fish i put in it...............A very good scrubbing with a mild bleach solution (NO Soap or detergent) will take care of it.......My suggestion would be to place the tank upsides down accross a picnic table and keep rinsing till you see nothing coming out but crystal clear water.........This allows anything trapped in the seams to run down the side of the tank..............Hope some of this info you found useful....
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Thanks for all the advice. Everyone has been really helpful. I will be sure to give you guys an update when i actually do begin to get it running, and I am sure I will be running back here with an array of questions!
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I said to replace the media because the setup used to be for saltwater tank. He cant use old canister media for a slatwater tank to jump start a freshwater tank.
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Sin, do you own a canister filter?...........Do you know how to recharge the media?..............PLace in old tank water with salt in it and soak the media in it............This helps prolong the life of the media and allows detrius to flow out easier.........Replacing the saltwater media might not be the answer, depending on what type of media it is, but there is really no need to throw it away, unless it is falling apart............Re-using media from a saltwater setup will have no ill effects on the tank, as long as the media is not saltwater specific and was recharged properly......
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i thoght the salt media trick was only for activated carbon? I was always told that foam soaked in salt or ceramic media soaked in salt was unusable because salt would get trapped
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i have been using the warm saltwater treatment for years and it has saved me a ton of money on filter media...I do this for the phos-ban, ammonia remover, and the nitro zorb media, when i have them in the filter......I just run the sponges very lightly thru it, give it a couple squeezes and put it to the side.........Your right on the ceramic rings,,,,,,,those would continue to leech salt back into the much and would it affect the fish.........hard to say.........I usually use bio-balls instead of ceramic, just for that reason...............Most saltwater setups dont usually use a canister filters, so i think this doesnt come up often..........I have converted 2 tanks from salt to fresh and have had nothing happen in either has been setup for 3 years and the other for over a year, if something was gonna go bad it would have by now.......
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interesting. Perhaps then it has to do with tank size? more salt, lower salinity concentration so after a couple of water changes over time it just vanishes?
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