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Yeah, always remember to bargain a little, whats the worst that could happen? get a "no". and if that's the case, I'm sure you'll find another good deal no there, look at how soon you found that one. =)

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I'd even ask $100. I'm sure he'd bite at the 120 though.

60 gallon
1 black ghost knife
4 black skirt tetras
2 zebra danios
1 algae eater
1 golden killifish
1 bamboo shrimp (MIA)
2 albino cory cats
3 tiger barbs

29 gallon (brackish)
1 Balloon and 10ish babies
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how does this list sound; he sent it via e-mail

Yes, the stand comes with it. Stand, tank, light, glass tops, and canister filter (Complete Setup) I will try to get some pics tonight for you if you really need them. The stand is not homemade-it is store brought from Petsmart, as was the tank. The light is a normal output T5 Coralife 2 bulb strip light, and the canister filter is a Marineland Magnum 350.
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Was it previously a saltwater tank?

I'm not sure, maybe someone else can answer this but can you switch a previous saltwater tank to a freshwater without harm to the freshwater fish??

"Everyman dies, not every man truly lives." - William Wallace
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saltwater to freshwater requires extensive cleaning i believe. However its do-able. As for equipment, i wuld ask for brand and age. Although the 150 is already an excellent deal for a tank with stand, i spent over 200 buying my 46 from petsmart with stand, its good to know what your getting in advance and knowing what oyu may need to spend more moeny on to replace. For example, the light could be too small for the tank and restrict you from buying certain plants, or the bulbs in the light are worn out and need to be replaced, or the fixture itself may burn out if its over 6 or 7 years old, etc.

I don't know how much your willing to spend but if you had to rebuy equipment, it will add up really quick. The stuff i needed for my tank was easily twice as much as what i spent on just the tank and stand.
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The picture displayed on craigslist shows a saltwater set up, so I would have a lot of cleaning and rerinsing to do before getting it up and running. I am willing to spend the money in order to make any repairs to it as long as they are not outrageous; any run of the mill replacements are fine with me. The only concern I have is the canister filter, for i have never used one before.

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I have always used a canister filter. If the canister filter does not have a bio sponge in it. You can buy one at a pet store and add it to the front of the water flow to your tank. You never rinse this because it has good bacteria that the tank needs. Or you can ad any sponge that will fit in front of the filter cartridge. I have a canister for a 75 gal. tank for my 55. gal. tank. It is always good to go bigger then you need in filters. I have a 4 filter cartridges for that tank. I change them once a month at the beginning of each month. I only put a new cartridge in the back using 2 new ones. Moving the back filter cartridge to the front and using it twice.The cartridge in the front gets thrown away because it was used for 2 months now. This saves money on filter cartridges. The canister filter That came with my 55 gal. tank had 2 filter cartridges I never opened the new filter and bought a better filter for a bigger tank. I bought a 55. gal. glass tank complete with hood,light, filter, heater at Walmart for $124 but that was awhile ago. I sold the canister filter unopened new on craigslist for $20 I was able to buy a nice new bigger one at Pet Supplies | Dog & Cat Supplies, Pet Meds | Pet Products on line. They have the best prices over pet and local fish stores. The filter cost me only $33.99 it's a Bio System power filter it had a Oxy surface skimmer also but I took that out as fish were getting caught in it. If your filter has 2 cartridges I would rotate the filter cartridges and just replace 1 with a new one. The next month just throw out the older cartridge you put in that way you have good bacteria on the older filter pad and saves you money. I heard someone else on the forum that does the same thing. Check out the above web site really good prices.
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Thanks for the insight, that was really helpful.
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saltwater setups often have equipment thats usually not used in freshwater tanks i believe. Also the salinity is kinda risky for fish. The canister, if was used for saltwater tank will need ALL of its media replaced. You will need to do a fresh cycle with brand new media. Moreover any tubing will need to be replaced since you cant know how much salt is left inside them. If it comes with gravel or sand those will likely need to be replaced as they will be saturated with sand and even cleaning ti will not ensure that the salt is gone. Many people avoid moving from saltwater to freshwater because its a hassel. Any water pumps short of just a a fan underwater sould be replaced, however most freshwater tanks dont need pumps so thats not a big deal. Thermometeres can be washed and heaters should be washable. Also if it was a saltwater tank, you will need to run salinity test before your cycle begins i believe so that adds to your cycle time.

Perhaps its a good opportunity to start a saltwater tank.
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However, if you are willing to spend the money, a new tank with new equipment might be better, you could avoid the wear and tear old tanks have had and new tanks usually ahve warranties if something goes wrong.
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