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new light stressing fish?

This is a discussion on new light stressing fish? within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by KendraMc the pleco and the shark will be moving to a 75 gallon tank before long. i have it, but i ...

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new light stressing fish?
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Originally Posted by KendraMc View Post
the pleco and the shark will be moving to a 75 gallon tank before long. i have it, but i moved this spring and haven't got it set up yet.

i do want to get more plants, and will work on getting some water sprite shortly (anyone have some to sell?). hopefully the vallisneria and amazon swords i have will start to actually grow now that i have a better light.

i do vacuum the substrate every time. i will work on changing more water.

do you think that will help? and any idea why they just started to seem stressed? they always had great color and acted normally before the light change...
As i said, I can't diagnose issues, there could be something here like a protozoan, I don't guess at this. But there is no doubt that maintaining better water does go a log way to preventing and solving health issues of any sort. I was more aiming at the nitrate issue. While i wouldn't expect nitrates at 40ppm to cause this issue directly, I would expect it to have likely contributed by weakening the fish.

Every factor from water chemistry to parameters to water changes to plants to filter to light...all affect each other in a closed system like the aquarium.
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