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This is a discussion on New idea within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by Zman11683 Thanks for the information you have gave to me but my knifes are doing great they show no signs of ...

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Celestial Pearl Danio
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Originally Posted by Zman11683 View Post
Thanks for the information you have gave to me but my knifes are doing great they show no signs of stress. I only feed them at night and I never turn the lights on unless to check things out or clean the tank. And I believe that I ask for decorative ideas for my new tank.
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I am not going to belabour this, as I have made the case and can't force you or anyone to agree with fact if you don't want to. Your comment that your fish "shows no sign of stress" is frankly indicative that you have no knowledge of this fish. The behaviour it is displaying in that video is extreme stress. It is cruel to keep the fish in such conditions. It may "survive" somehow, it may contract disease, it will have internal problems, and most likely die prematurely. If you don't care about this, so be it.
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unless you are a have a doctorate in aquatic life please dont tell me have to raise my fish. the people you should tell this too is the people who sold me the fish. thanks and please dont comment back bc this thread for me to get ideas about what should i put in my new tank, and not to tell me how to run my tank ok
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Expensive? You can get a brand new glass 55 gallon for 75 dollars at Petsmart, or my LFS mini-chain in Connecticut (Pet Supplies Plus) sells a 55 tank w/hood and stand for about 175 dollars. That's quite a steal for a brand new wooden stand. I've seen 55's with hood/stand included on craigslist for under 100 dollars. Just browse, shop smart, and be patient. The deal will present itself eventually.

And I'm pretty sure Byron is just trying to help or make you see why certain species require certain tank size. Yes, it can live in 30 gallons. Should it? no.
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Well came to the wrong place then. When you show videos of fish that are blatantly being mistreated you are going to get reactions like you are getting. Nobody at this point is going to help you decide how to decorate your tank when you have fish that are in obvious distress and need the attention. We could care less about the aesthetics of your tank when you are clearly and carelessly killing your fish. You need to either get a much larger tank and setup up appropriately, sell/give away the fish to someone that actually cares and knows what they are doing, or take them back to the store that you got them from, explain the situation, and see if you can get credit to buy appropriate fish. And asking Bryon is he has a doctorate in aquatic life or telling him not to tell you how to care for your fish...that's laughable and ridiculous and completely disrespectful. Bryon is one of if not the most knowledgeable people on this site when it comes to keeping fish. It's obvious you know very little. I would rethink your attitude and take the advice given and act on it...not just sit back being ignorant and letting your fish die.

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here is my new tank new - 26 gallon Freshwater fish tank tell me what you think
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