New here! My set-up!
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New here! My set-up!

This is a discussion on New here! My set-up! within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Hello, I'm new here and have been looking around for a while. I figured I'd post my set-up and see what everyone thinks! Tips ...

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Arrow New here! My set-up!

Hello, I'm new here and have been looking around for a while. I figured I'd post my set-up and see what everyone thinks! Tips and suggestions are welcome!

40gal (approx. 48"x12"x18")
T5HO lighting w/ 54w 10,000k and 54w Actinic
Whisper 3-stage power filter for up to 55 gallons

Female Gold Gourami
Male Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami
2x Green Cobra Guppies
2x Neon Blue Tux Guppies
5x Orange Sunshine/Red Fire Guppies
5x Zebra Danios
2x Glass Catfish (Meaning to get more when I upgrade my tank)
Bristlenose Albino Pleco
7x Ghost Shrimp
Anacharis plants

I'm in the process of switching out my fake plants for live ones. And I'm planning on upgrading to a 75gal in a month or so. I want to add a Marbled Angelfish and 5 or 6 Kuhli Loaches yet. The bottom of my tank seems pretty bare so I'm wondering if there are any good fish/inverts that will liven that up. Thanks!
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I'd like to welcome you to Tropical Fish Keeping forum. Glad to have you with us.

As you head into live plants, you may find it helpful to check out the Aquarium Plants section. I have a series at the beginning there about a natural planted aquarium that might interest you.

You will have more success with different tubes for light; what you list is very high in the blue and the actinic is poor for plant growth. This is mentioned in that article, so I won't go into it now.

One caution on the angelfish; this is a shoaling fish that should be kept in a group, 5 or more, which is doable in your 4-foot tank, though other fish will have to be limited, but this will work better when you upgrade to the 75g. I'd wait until then for angelfish, as they should be acquired together to avoid aggression issues that frequently occur when one or two become settled in an aquarium and then regard it as "theirs" exclusively. Danio are not recommended companions for angels due to their high level of activity, angelfish being quiet and sedate. You can read more in our profile; Fish profiles are under the second tab from the left in the blue bar across the top of the page. If the scientific or common name is used in posts exactly as it appears in the profile, the name will be shaded and you can click it to see that profile. Example, Pterophyllum scalare for the common angelfish.

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Hello and welcome to TFK
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Welcome. Have a look around on the site. Lots of helpful information as well as helpful people.
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-----------Female Gold Gourami
-----------Male Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami

Anyone catch the above part? isnt that not allowed? from what i read you cant keep 2 different kinds of Gouramis together

And your danios would be happy if you added at least 1 more, but the more you got the more fun they are, i liked when i had 9, im at 7 right now and plan on getting more when i get the money and the chance, their probably one of my favorites and i can get them for cheaper than i can a guppy
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Yeah I was hesitant about adding the Gold Gourami but they actually stay away from each other. Every so often they'll rub feelers and move along but no problems! And I didn't know that about Angelfish so thank you!
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