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New guppy tank questions

Hi!! I was hoping to get some help with my new guppies. I got them just yesterday. I have two males and they are currently in a 2-gallon filtered tank. I have a bigger, 5 gallon filtered tank that I would like to move them to, but I need some help.

Neither tank is new, so my first question is should I try cycling the new 5 gallon tank?

Also, what sort of heater do I need? I currently don't have one and my living space is fairly warm, but I don't want the little guys to get too cold.

And how much salt should i be adding? I added just one grain of aquarium salt to the 2 gallon tank. How much for the 5 gallon?

Last question. What sort of gravel should I get? Currently they have marbles and one tiny plant. Should I get regular gravel? And is this one plant enough?

Thank you very much for any feedback. :)
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For the 5 Gallon just test the water and see if its okay before you add anything to it use prime as conditioner its the best stuff :) wait one week min if its a new tank.
you need a heater for sure even if your house is warm any changes in temp within a short time is enough to kill them.
usually you add 1 rounded tablespoon for every 5 gallons but it might depend on which salt you get? just read the directions :)
its up to you which gravel you want but i would get more plants as they like
a desely planted tank on the sides and back .and guppies need lots of room to swim id actually recommend a min 20 gallon if your keeping guppies. long tanks are best :)give them a little water movement with an airstone or small powerhead to better mimic thier natural stream habitats. also they are best kept in groups of one male to several females :) also if you want babies lol you can get some live plants like java moss or other fine leaved plants like cabomba( that stuff grows crazyy) but maybe cut down on salt some plants wont do good with salt ... :)goodluck :D

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Oh, okay. Thanks for the feedback. I will get a heater and set up the 5 gallon soon. I don't want to breed them, so I was thinking of just keeping the 2 males or maybe adding a third male if I feel adventurous. I don't have space for 20 gallons, but 5 gallons is better than 2. :)
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