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New Flame dwarf Gouramis, and a few questions

Hey everyone.

I went to my LFS today because i needed some dechlorinator and food and other things. I also picked up to Flame dwarf gouramis and brought the little ones home. I dont know much about them so i have a few questions.

First, I have a long bubble wand in the back of the tank that creates alot of current. Should i remove this and put in a regualr airstone?

I have an aquaclear filter that runs pretty strong, so is alot of current an issue in a tank with gouramis? Or will they not mind the water movement?

One of the gouramis is a bit bigger than the other. This one is more active than the other also. The bigger one is swimming around actively and happily. However the other one is kind of hanging out behind the plants in the corner of the tank. when i dropped some food in they both came out and started searching, so i know they will both eat.

My basic question is should i work on lowering the amount of current in my tank to make these little guys happy?
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how are they getting on.
and hello there. :)
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How big is your tank? Your Aquaclear filter alone provides enough aeration so you could probably remove the bubble wand altogether. Gouramis do like calmer waters. Maybe you can get some floating plants to kind of break up the current from the filter.

You might have some territorial issues with the 2 dwarf gouramis. That may be why one is hiding. Are they both male?

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