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New to fish, what to stock?

I just bought myself a 10 gallon tank. I was first intent on getting a male betta, but by the time I had gotten the tank the betta I had wanted was sold and the rest I wasn't too keen on. I liked the look of the zebra danios and the male guppies. Being new to the fish world I'm not really sure what to start with. I was told the danios are hardy fish and would be a good bet since I was new, but I liked the colors of the guppies. Are there any fish that could be housed with a betta? Are there any fish that would be a good bet to start off with other then danios?

My only options are bettas, danios, guppies, tetras, platies, mollies, plecos and goldfish.
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First off, Goldfish and Common Plecos will NOT fit in a 10g. Some smaller plecos (such as the bristlenose) would be good, though. Most fish will not do well with a betta. Danios are good, but I belieave they are nippy, so you wouldn't be able to have them with guppies. Guppies and platies are really hardy fish, but some tetras are pretty hardy, too.

How about 3 guppies or platies, a school of small tetras (like neons or glowlight), and some bottom feeders like cories or possibly a bristlenose pleco?
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sound like a good starter tank.very laid back.

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I would say find out your tap water at home..

If it's acidic, then go with some tetras (a school of 6 medium-sized 1 - 1.5 inch fish or 6 neons and 6 ember tetras)

If it's basic, then you could go with some livebearers (guppies, mollies, platies) or danios...

Danios aren't that nippy really (compared to barbs). If you have a school of danios (at least 6) you might be able to throw a couple male guppies in...

Bettas will fight long-finned fish (like guppies) sometimes, but more often than not the activity level of fish will stress the (relatively calm) betta to death...

I would base the decision on your ph and hardness (kh) of your tap water.

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^^ genius

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