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Yeah, it just seemed like even when setup that way nutrients leeching into the water could be a problem, but I guess not?
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if your a newbie to fish keeping i dont recommend a planted tank.but if you have the correct things you can do it . just remember that you need external nutrients which are not available in your tank like iron . you can ask your lfs about this they will help you
good luck
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yup thanks. not new to the hobby, just looking for advice specific to this setup before I start buying things. While we are at it, if you want to you can check out the log for my current tank here:
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Originally Posted by Jeffrey View Post
Yeah, it just seemed like even when setup that way nutrients leeching into the water could be a problem, but I guess not?
I highly doubt that will be an issue. If it worries you though you could leave the root tabs in tab form, and then just concentrate a few where you need them most for the plants that would benefit.

If you are not going with root feeder type plants, a bottle of liquid plant fert will go a long way with something small like this.
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For a heater, I wouldn't go with a preset heater. You can find some nice ones on amazon. I got the Eheim Jager heater from petsmart. I paid way to much for it but in a pinch it works great. The only downside is that it isn't submersible.

For a Filter - I like the ones I've been using, so that's the only recommendation I can give. I use a Aquaclear 70 on my 29 gallon (like a 20 long but taller) and it works great. I use a Aquaclear 20 on my 5 gallon (turned down 50%) and it also works great. The only downside of these 2 is that the impeller isn't greased up a bit and can be loud. If you go with them I'd pick up some plain vasoline and grease it up. (I had to do the 29 like 5 times but now it's super quiet)

The other filter I use was a hand me down. It's a Eheim 2215 canister filter. If I had my way I'd have this on my 29 and my AQ70 on my 20 tall (which has an ok aqueon on it). It spits about 200 gallons an hour so it's a little under rated for my 46 bow but I feel it'd work great for a 20-30 gallon tank.

I've found out through some research that a general rule of thumb is to take your gallons, x10 and you want to find a filter that dumps that many gallons per hour. I'm sure that's way over kill, but since I've used that method, I couldn't be happier. I went from 2x 25-50% water changes a week to 1x25% on the tanks with the aquaclears

Substrate: I use pool filter sand on my tanks. It's cheap (I paid $12 for 50 lbs) and I used roughly 1lb per gallon so 1 bag would be more than enough. It has some various colored bits of sand so it's not all 1 color and it's more of a tan color instead of white. It does show poop and stuff but if I didn't see it, it would be harder for me to clean my tanks. I like seeing what I need to vacume.

Light - 30inches is kinda hard to find bulbs for. You can get the fixture for 30 inches and use a 24" bulb. It will leave a little bit of unlit areas in the top corners but most people don't find that annoying. 24" bulbs are easy to find. If you get the t5 normal output at petsmart by Aqueon/coralife keep in mind that NO bulbs will work with it besides that brand. And they're like $16-20 each.. If you get the standard strip light, you will need the glass hood that goes under it. The hood doesn't sit on the tank by itself unless you get the full deluxe hood. Some tank kits come with it.

Plants - You can get some plants that don't need much in the way of light/ferts. You can stick with beginner plants like Java Ferns and Anubias and those grow very slow but can give you a nice look to your tank. I started with those, well I think most of us did. Keep in mind both of those need to be tied to decorations/driftwood because they aren't planted in the sand/gravel.

Hope this helps. This is my experience and it works well for me.

As of 02/02/14: 5.5 Gallon NPT - Plat ----------------29 gallon - Awaiting bleach bombing and selling
46 gallon bow - 5 glass cats, 6 kuhlii loaches, 2 rasboras, 1 parkinsoni rainbow, 8 White Tip Tetras, 1 bristlenose pleco, 5 julii corydoras, 1 bolivian ram, 7 neon tetras , 2 female sunset gouramis, 10 dainty corydoras, shrimp and snails
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Ended up using a 10g tank, playsand, small aqua clear, 76degree fixed submersible heater, and dual incandescent hood with two ge 10W 6500k bulbs. We're both quite pleased with the result. First plants are going in tomorrow, followed with a guppy not long after. Thanks for all the advice guys!
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Tank came together pretty well. It currently has a bunch of plants, two fancy guppies, and two panda cories. Next addition will be another few panda cories when the lfs gets them in, probably won't add anything else. I'm not there to help out, but every time I get pictures of the tank it looks healthy, the fish are eating, and they're behavior sounds healthy. Successful beginner tank
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good luck

good luck
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Ok so this tank is giving me trouble all of a sudden. No idea what's up. Added a third guppy on Sunday. The lfs it came from has very healthy tanks. Bought from them many times before always been satisfied. Guppy was healthy when we got it, healthy the next morning, and dead when we got home in the afternoon. So I thought maybe it was bad luck. But today another guppy was looking sick, a few hours later and its nearly dead.

Let me try to give some more specific info:

The tank has been running fine all summer. Plants growing, cycle definitely complete. It gets regular water changes. The panda cories have been healthy the whole time, and still are showing no signs of distress. No lethargy, no rapid respiration, not swimming funny, still eating well. I'm just totally stumped as to why the guppies go from healthy to dead so fast. The second guppy was healthy and eating, and then dead about 12 hours later. External signs are minimal: slight loss of color, trouble swimming (one guppy lost use of its right fin, and was also unable to swim down from the surface), as far as I can tell there is no visible rot or fungus, and poop seems normal.

I'll post water parameters tonight, I really want to get this figured out
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ph 8.2, ammonia/nitrite/nitrate all 0
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