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Your tank is beautiful, nicely done.

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I enjoyed the pictures :) I agree with SinCrisis, the pleco would be very happy in the 55 gallons! These buggers grow huge!
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Thanks for all the great comments. Yes, i have been thinking the same about the pleco. Since ive had him for some time now, he is growing to a point where i dont think he will be so happy in the 5g for to much longer.

I do have some questions about the Peco itself. Picked up at the local pet smart not knowing much. Since i have been back and looked at other LFS's, i have not seen one similar. Thinking if i got something other then just a "normal" or "common" pleco. Ill take some pics at work tom.

Also, i have heard horror stories regarding Pleco's ripping up plants. Some of my plants have still not yet rooted fully in the florite so i am worried to put him in there (eating and knocking over??)

Filtration i have is 2 penguin bio wheel filters, one 150 and one 200 located on opposite sides to create a good current. ( i got different sized purposly so that one "current" is stronger then the other)
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if you got him at a petsmart its probably a common pleco. Plecos are only dangerous to plants with very broad leaves and usually only if they are hungry. Many tanks dont offer enough algae growth so plecos eat plants. At least thats what ive always seen and told by friends who ahve plecos in their tanks. Why did you opt for diffrent strength currents? Also, the penguin filters have carbon in them, i beleive carbon is bad for live plants as it removes some trace nutrients the plants need?
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I agree about getting a different stand. Check out the DIY section, I bet you can find ideas to make one for cheaper than you can buy it... probably will look nicer to. Also agree about the pleco. In your 5 gallon, I'd guess you'd have to do more than a weekly water change to keep the params okay... got alot going on in there I take it. :) And I love your big tank. I've kinda been curious about rams lately, but I wouldn't have a place to put any.
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you have a lovely aquarium,well done on all the hard work
that you have put into it.
i love to see tank diarys,i think they are so worth while,they really are.
the only negative i have is to echo the others about the tanks situation on the cupboard.
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hey how's the rams doing? i recently purchased 2 and my angelfish seem to be getting their fins all chewed up. are your rams really aggressive to the other fish? i have a couple of sharks and a black ghost knife fish in my tank as well and i'm trying to find the
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from what i have noticed, the rams are NOT aggressive as one would expect. They are actually dwarf species and are classified as "peaceful". There are times when my rams pick on the angels mainly during feeding but i have also seen them eat off the same cube before. I did have my 2 rams have their first spawn about 2 weeks ago and during that time they were very aggressive but only to fish that get close to their cave. Since the initial spawning (lost all eggs due to midnight raids-sterbai cory's) they are a bit more aggressive when other fish approach their cave, but generally let everything slide.

What other tank mates do you have? How many rams do you have? 2 males, 2 females, 1m/1f? the sexes (from what i have noticed) make a huge difference.

When i first got my rams, i had 4 males and 5 females and i lost aobut half due to fighting, but thats interspecies fighting and is expected among that type of fish.

i just read that you have a knife in your tank. how big is he/she? my assumption is the knife is your issue. If he is still small-that might explain the nicks and dings. when he gets bigger i am afraid you wont see any evidence of his bullying. the knife will eat everything he can fit into his mouth and if he cant fit it, he will still try until he finds out he cant fit them.

hope it helps

here is a quick video of my tank
YouTube - MaxsPlantedTank
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also-the rams are very sensitive to water conditions. if you are having any types of ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate spikes it may stress them out a bit more then usualy which could drive them to be a bit more aggressive then normal

all in all, your rams should be ok. i house mine with neons, cory's, ottocats, angels, pleco's (although they did pick on the pleco for the first day-since then he is fine) hatchets and rainbows
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wow your tank blows mine out of the water!!! such a sick set up...nice job. thanks so much for the insight on the rams. maybe it is my black ghost. i bought a stock of neons to hold him over. hopefully this will distract him from eating my angels bc i really love them and want to see them get big but every angel i buy seems to die :( i thought it might be the rams bc one of my angels recently lost an eye and the ghost is too big to nip out such a small eye. the rams seemed to be the culprits.

here's a link to my tank...lemme know what you think. thanks!
YouTube - Aquarium de Aces June 13 2009
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