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New Angel Fish, need advice

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum and I was looking for some advice. I recently got an angel fish, she was a rescue out of a friends tank. She was in a school of angels, but was getting beaten up. I kept her in my hospital tank for 3 weeks to clear up her fins and make sure she was disease free. I put her in my 90 gal tank that is heavily planted. There are 15 black neon tetras, 7 cory cats, and 7 yoyo loaches in this tank. So she has plenty of room. She is very shy and hides in the plants, even at feeding time she does not come to the top. I am feeding her feeder shrimp right not because that is about the only thing I have seen her eat. I feed my other fish flake food, frozen blood worms, and some sinking pellet food for the corys and loaches. She appears healthy, but very shy. I was wondering what was a good diet I should be feeding her? and do I need to get more angel fish? I have plenty of room in this aquarium for more fish. Also my other tank contains goldfish, which are very friendly and personable, am I just confused on the angel fish being shy?

Thank you for any advice you can give me. I just want to make sure the angel fish is properly cared for.

P.S. I know it is a girl fish because she does not have the hump on her nose
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How was this fish eating in the hospital tank? What was the temperature of the hospital tank, as well as the tank this fish is in now?
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Originally Posted by Tolak View Post
How was this fish eating in the hospital tank? What was the temperature of the hospital tank, as well as the tank this fish is in now?
The hospital and the 90 gal tank are at 78 F. The angel fish has only shown interest in eating the feeder shrimp in both the hospital tank and the big tank. It would eat the blood worms in the hospital tank, but non of the flake food I tried to feed it.

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I would at least add another angel. Since it was picked on in another tank it might be picked on again you never know. If you do add more angels make sure their smaller than the one you already have.

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20g quarantine tank.
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Give it time,I would stop the feeder shrimp as well.She won't starve herself to death as long as their is appropriate sized food available and it may encourage her to come out more.Adding any new fish will just increase her stress level and that's the last thing you want.
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Any Suggestions of the type of food the angel fish might like better?
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Seen this in stressed angels countless times. It's an internal protozoan, which is considered a normal part of the digestive flora, that goes a bit out of control in cichlids that have a compromised immune system. Stress, such as what occurred previously by your pal will affect the immune system.

Metronidazole is one of the few meds I keep on hand, I deal with a lot of angels. Sprinkle some on frozen brine shrimp, feed only this for 10-14 days. Switching the fish back to the hospital tank, and bringing the temperature up to 86F will increase metabolism, thus appetite. Make sure there is plenty of surface motion, as warmer water holds less O2.

Metro is sold as Metroplex by shops that sell Seachem products, Hex A Mit is another metro med often found in shops. It's also available online, Big Al's & such carry it, I usually order from National Fish Pharmacy.
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