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Ok I'm pretty sure the shark is a rainbow shark and the algae-eater guy is a plecos but I'm not sure which kind. He's dark gold/brown with dark spots.

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anyway you could post some pics?? they're are many varieties of plecos as well as the tetras you think you have...
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I would get the test ki and post your results on thru the nitrogen cycle and we'll all go from there
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Make a side trip to the drug store for some aspirin. I smell headache. Hope you can work your way through this one. At least you have a small number of fish to start with.


Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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Yikes. A pleco and a shark?? You need to say no thanks to both. Sorry. I had to bring my pleco back to the LFS a few weeks ago because he outgrew my 45 gallon in 10 months. They get to be big boys and are notorious poopers. I didn't know that at the time or never would have got him in the first place. Because of his size, I couldn't keep my nitrates below 40 even with big water changes every weekend. And they can get pretty aggressive as they get older.

The sharks can be quite aggressive too. Do yourself and these two fish a favor and bring them to a fish store that will let you trade them for something more suitable to your tank. Even if they won't let you trade, give them a kiss goodbye and drop them off. You'll be glad you did.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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Yeah... Plecos do grow crazy fast and large. I have one in my indoor pond. He is well on his way to 2 feet 0.o. The sharks get a decent size too, I'd suggest selling the fish for some store credit and getting some smaller guys. Mystery snails are good algae eaters! id get a few of those to replace the pleco.
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Yeah the fish gal at MalWart wont talk to me because yesterday I talked someone out of buying a pleco for a 5 gallon tank.

I don't like them, and someone here once said that unless you have an affinity for that type of fish, then you don't really NEED one. When I got my 55g with fish, that was the first to get rehomed.
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I think a red tailed or rainbow shark would be just fine in a tank of that size. They can be quite aggressive toward their own or similar species and sometimes don't get along with other territorial bottom dwellers but it's not too hard to build a community that includes one. The pleco might also be fine depending on the species, so I think you should wait for an ID before you return them.

How long did they have the tank torn down? Was the substrate and decor kept wet?

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The substrate was kept wet but not the decor. I tried to get pictures but they were so fuzzy--my camera seems to have problems with up close. I'll try again after I get back from the store.

Thanks for all the tips. I had some problems with the heater. Apparently they turned it down so it wasn't set to where it should have been. It is a high/low heater so I couldn't tell by looking at the dial that it wasn't at the right temp.
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So here are my test results:

pH: 7.2
amonia - 0mg/L
Nitrite - 0mg/L
Nitrate - 5-10mg/L (the color was a bit in-between the two)

Also the pet store owner sold me a bottle of "cycle" to help boost the bacteria--is this a good idea to use or a gimmick?

And I'm not so certain about the heater that the neighbor gave me. I tried to read the wattage but a lot was rubbed off on it so all I could make out was 00. The neighbor isn't home so I can't ask her but I'm wondering are 200 watt heaters really big or can they be the same size as a 50 watt? My heater is a 50 watt--the one from my betta tank and it's roughly the same size so I'm worried her heater is only a 100 watt which wouldn't be enough.

Only because the tempt is 70.5 now and the light went off on the heater. :/ So I put my heater in the tank as well since at least I know that works, until I can get in touch with the neighbor. I'm also going to ask her if she can remember about where she had the dial positioned.

I didn't feed the fish yesterday, I will feed them today. I found the shark, I'm not sure he will eat because he is not coming out of his hiding spot.
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