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Yeah, with the heaters it's usually better safe than sorry. The difference in price between a 100W and 200W heater is pretty small so sometimes it's better just to get the bigger one.

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thanks for the info, i think a 100W is like $30 and a 200W is only about $43

Still havent got around to getting an API master test kit or heater yet, last 2 days of work have been hell, by the time i get home my LFS is shut.

But tomorrow is saturday and i don't work saturday's, so i will most definantly get in and get one. Other problem is, it's like 1 hours drive. All though there is a Bird and Aquarium shop 10 minutes away, i went in the other day to ask a few questions and all there tanks water had a green tinge and there was algae on the glass....

If there is any other equipment / necessary items i might need other then the basics like test kits and GH and KH kits, please let me know.
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This may be digging back in the conversation a bit but anyways here it goes, what i have learned is that pH, water hardness, temperature, ect. Is really not a big deal, unless your trying to breed, the thing is keeping it stable, besides for a few super delicate species most fish will adapt to a very wide range of water parameters and thrive if they stay constant. Also a few good beginner plants the don't require any special lights or CO2 are: Java Ferns(attach to log or rock wit rubber band/fishing line until roots catch) , Java Moss(make carpet or wall), Water sprite(plant in gravel, grows tall), Dwarf Anubias(plant in gravel, small) and Moneywort(plant in gravel) Also all these plants are easy to maintain.

Hope this helps a bit!

Phil :)
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Yikes, where are you buying your heaters? Drs. Foster and Smith has Marineland Stealth heaters on sale right now. Much cheaper than what you're talking about!

Heaters: Marineland Stealth Pro-Heaters

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Dont forget im in Australia too, thats australian dollars, only roughly guessing aswell. I have looked at them before, cant exactly remember the prices.

Hmm, just was looking in my fish tank, i have like a little hermit crab type of thing, its a brown colour. no idea how the hell i got it, my tank is still cycling?
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Is it a Malaysian trumpet snail?

This is what the shells look like:

But yeah, things are a lot more expensive in Australia.

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Yeah Batman, things are dearer. It was $25 for a 150W the 300W was $40. It sort of looks like that snail, not as long a shell though.

I got my master test kit

pH in tank - 7.8
pH from tap - 8.0
Ammonia - 0ppm
Nitrate - 0ppm
Nitrite - 1ppm

Oh, i also got my heater and thermometer, put the heater in, then the thermometer. The thermometer has been in for 30 minutes with the heater OFF and my tank water is 83.7 F or 28.7 C. Most tropical fish are around 25 C arent they?

(sorry i dont know what that is in farenheit, i only new the tank because i can have it on either farenheit or celsius)

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When i started my community tank 3 years ago (29 gallon). I have only kept non aggressive fish, and find them rather relaxing. Platys were nice and hardy and i had a pair and had fry within 2 months of my tank starting. I had swordtails also and had great luck with them early on. Pristella Tetras are very hardy and very good fish to cycle with IMO. My bristlenose was a great algae eater and cleaned all the driftwood thouroughly. Goldfish produce a lot of waste, and can be pretty hard to keep in smaller tanks; at least in my family's experience. There are many more people on here who know soooooo much more then me, but this is my personal experience. I used only fake plants for the first few years, but after switching to real plants, it's definitely the way to go, the fish seem so much more lively than ever before, and my water looks great!!Good Luck and remember to have lots of fun when deciding which way to go with YOUR tank!

check out people's aquarium tabs on here, some of their tanks are AMAZING, i got lots of great ideas by looking through to see what others were doing.
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Thanks for your input cmc. The only troubles im having is with my town water. the pH is ridicously high at 8.0. I am pretty sure the only other thing other then african chilids is platys and swords.
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Cichlids are beautiful fish, i've heard that some of them uproot plants. I'm sure Angel, Byron or any number of those wiser than me can say if that's right or not. I've successfully lowered my p.h to 6.8 from 7.8 using Peat in my filter and adding lots of driftwood(i was told by my LFS that the tannins helped to lower p.h, if this is not true, i'd like to know, please). I didn't have to add chemicals to lower the p.h. I'm not saying that this will work for you, it's just what i did, and might be something to consider. Angel has used it before in tanks and says it has lasted up to 6 weeks at a time. I also know that where your water comes from has a ton to do with what you can do to it, and i know nothing about water in Australia....sorry to ramble, take everything i say with a grain of salt.
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