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Good news and Bad news guys! Here is the bad news... the 30 gallon tank is no longer. My wife was sick of it where it was and told me to get rid of it! As much as I want to keep it I just cant, I love my wife and don't want to have to sleep on the couch for the rest of my life so it's gone now.
And the good news? ALL of my fish and plants have found a new home back at the LFS where I'm sure someone will enjoy them as much as I did.
HAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!!!! My fish and plants did get a new home! but not At Living Art Aquarium. The just moved about 10 feet east and into a spacious 75 gallon condo overlooking a Kitchen, and dining room with a nice bench where I will be overlooking them! YES its finally up and running but a bit cloudy to film yet, but I will get a video up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Thanks for all your patience
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I have kind of a favor to ask. The cloudiness still will not completely go away. I tried a denser filter cloth, Seachem Clarity, and a nice water change. I now added carbon bags to the sump. I would so love to make a video for everyone but would be embarrassed to do so with white-ish water. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Obviously I know its a "new tank" thing but I don't remember having it last this long in the 30 gallon.
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Time and patience is your best tool here. That cloudiness will resolve itself (usually it does).
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KrisPriewe (03-18-2013)
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OH!!!!! Forgot to mention, I celebrated getting the 75 together by picking up my next fish yesterday I will show them in the video. so until then you'll have to wait LOL.
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oh nice, can't wait to see pics.... and thanks to you..... I have a neat little row of hooks with tools and nets hanging in my cabinet under my tank. Looks kinda cool actually!!

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Here is the video I promised! Sorry for the wait, I had to let the water clear to show it off.
Let me know what you think and please feel free to give me advise.

75 Gallon Dirted Aquarium all set up - YouTube

Thanks in advance
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YAY!!! Great start-up, Kris. . . it's going to look so PRETTY in there when everything is planted and filled in :D Good work!
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KrisPriewe (03-25-2013)
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Im in a bit of a pickle here. I have lost a neon in each of 3 days, plus my Koi angel last Wednesday. The Koi was a different story that I believe was just a fluke. But my neon situation is just plaing making me crazy! Each day my water tests were all coming up 0s. No Ammonia, no Nitrite, no Nitrate. All are eating, all are active and no bullying. I have had the neons for about 5 months with no other deaths. All other fish I have had die besides the angel were all in qt so this is a bit shocking to me to come home to every night. Anything I am overlooking?
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Are there any signs of illness? Loss of color, loss of appetite, separation from the group, ticking in place? Could it be that these are older and the stress of the move got to them?

Did the angel go through QT apart from the other fish?
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No signs of illness, all fish still have all their bright colors, all are eating like pigs, the neons all somewhat sick together but there become a few stragglers that catch up. No twitching. The Angels went through QT together with no other fish. I try to only qt like fish together (neons only, Cory cats only, exc.)
I understand the circle of life and know that eventually everything dies, but i don't want to be the reason they die.
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