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Exclamation new to this,

i recently bought a 20 gallon tank, and 3 baby sharks, i got a heater, filter all that,
in some food (tropical flakes or somethin),
how often shud i clean the tank,
how often shud i change filter,
how many times a day shud i feed it,
and do i actually need to take out all the water evertime i change it?
i will post some picture soon,
as soon as i figure out how to make my own thread,

any help is appreciated, thanks

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Let me start you off here. This is the most important thing to know about keeping fish - the aquarium cycle:

For starters - You should change the water once per week depending on how many fish you have - more fish > change more of the water. For a well stocked tank, its good to change half of the water each time you do a water change. When changing water you should use a water conditioner such as Prime or Aqua Safe - this makes your water safe for the fish by removing chorine and other harmful substances.

Feed once per day. Give the fish the amount they can eat in 2 minutes and no more. Overfeeding is more dangerous than underfeeding.

After you've read up on the aquarium cycle, u should see that the filter is where the helpful bacteria live. Gently clean the filter media (the sponge or whatever's in the filter) in tank water - not tap water - roughly once per month.

Fiind out what sort of species of shark you have - most of them grow too big for the tank you have. Common sharks are red tailed, bala and rainbow. More advice can be given when we know what species you have.

My final peice of advice is do not believe everything you're told by people who work in fish stores - judging by what people say on here, the advice they give is often terrible! The people here are very knowledgeable and will be happy to help with any further questions you have
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Read up on that link sik80 gave you. You'll need to buy a water test kit (to test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate,and pH) and a gravel vac so you can change the water. You only change a portion of the water. In my 20 gallon, I change 30-50% of the water each week. However, while your tank is cycling, you will need to change it more frequently. ALWAYS use a water conditioner/dechlorinator when you put new water in your tank.

On the top of the webpage, there is a blue menu bar. The second one over says "Tropical Fish Profiles". Click on it, and go to "Cyprinids" under "Freshwater Fish" There, you'll find information about the sharks. Try to figure out what kind you have. Then you'll be able to get more information about their care requirements.

Finally, on your filter question, we need to know what kind of filter you have. Or if your filter came with an instruction manual, it should tell you when is a good time to change the filter media.

Good luck and welcome to the forum and to fish keeping

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If you have bala sharks I recommend finding a new home for them because they get bigger than that tank can hold... be sure that the tank is mature before adding fish to the tank or be sure they can handle a immature tank

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What they said^^ the starting process is probably the hardest part of having an aquarium. If you're serious, go through with it and it'll be easy sailing ahead. If you're in a big hurry (like i was) you can TRY Tetra safe start. It's supposedly gonna cycle your tank within days, if not, hours and it makes your tank safe for fish. I used it.. It worked for me. So for now, i support the product, but it is a risk, as some people have not had luck with it. It's quite simple though. Add the bacteria in the bottle, add fish, and let it run. But it is important to get a bigger than for your fish now.. You can find some good deals on craigslist. Some free 40G and some cheap packages there.

"My final peice of advice is do not believe everything you're told by people who work in fish stores - judging by what people say on here, the advice they give is often terrible!"
^^TRUE TRUE TRUE!!! They will tell you things so that you feel inclined to buy more products or things that just aren't true and that they believe. Check in on here before following through with what a fish store says.
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