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Just wanted to update everyone on how things were going. Thanks again for all the help. My tank is fully cycled I think. Ammonia spikes up to .2 every time I add a few fish but from what ive read thats normal. 0 nitrites and nitrate is under 30 ppm. Temp jumps around from 81.2 to 82.1. Its fully planted with anacharis, red tiger lotus (gorgeous and flourishing), green temples, rosette swords, water sprite and tons of narrow leaf chain sword and java moss. Ive got 5 german blue rams and was lucky enough to ger 3 females and 2 males. 8 blue eye gertrudae rainbowfish (very small), and 2 flame dwarf / fire red male and female gouramis. Ive also added some ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp and a few clams. I plan on getting a school of 10 neons or cardinals and something else for the bottom. Right now the layering is perfect. Rams take up the bottom, gouramis are in the middle and the rainbows are on the top. Ive had no deaths and the plants are flourishing. Does anyone have any ideas on a single or small school for the bottom, possibley for clean up? Ive still got the eco complete but i bought another 20 pound bag sifted through the big chunks. Its sitting nicely on the top. I will post a picture soon.
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