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Originally Posted by n1zjd View Post
Alright KH/GH test was done again under the much better eyes of my wife and now things have

KH took three drops to get the desired color....

GH took 7 drops to get the desired color....

Now Im not fully understanding the diagram they provide with the test kit

The diagram is as follows.....

# of Drops | °dKH | ppm KH/GH
1 1 17.9
2 2 35.8
3 3 53.7
4 4 89.5
5 5 107.4
6 6 125.3
7 7 143.2

So can someone help me out here, what exactly does this all mean? Is my water not as good as we maybe thought it was? Thanks for the help folks.

Did I read that your test kit is an Aquarium Pharmaceuticals? If so it's the same one that I have.

Your KH @ 3 degrees hardness is at the high side of the low scale. Meaning 0-3 degrees is the low range of Kh. If it gets too low you could see rapid Ph swings. But it's not horrible.

Gh of 7 degrees isn't terrible. It's a bit harder but HARD water is 11 degrees (200 ppm) and up. Do you have something in your aquarium that is possibly raising your Gh? To be at the lower range of Kh yet have a higher Gh is kind of backwards. Softer (more acidic) water has lower Kh and Gh readings. Are there sea shells, crushed coral, anything that may be adding calcium to the water? Limestone, marbel, etc...

“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors”
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I haven't had my coffee yet and I went back reread the entire post. Your water parameters are not bad for a Ph of 7.4 I may be wrong but I am thinking that with a 7 degree Gh your buffering capacity (Kh) should be a bit higher than it is currently at 3 degrees. That's why I asked if you have something that could be adding hardness to the water or is this your tap water test? I really need some coffee...

“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors”
Thomas Jefferson quote
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Hmm, well it could be KH 4, it was yellow at 3 but not bright yellow. Yes, the wife did have a seashell in there at one time, and no this is the results of testing water out of the aquarium not tap water. The shell was removed about a week ago. And yes its the AP test kit. Thanks for the response!
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