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New 29g Tank Cycling! Stocking?

I've been watching craigslist like a hawk since I got back home from college. I jumped on a 29g aquarium that came with a canopy, flourescent light fixture, Marineland 100 watt heater (might need to upgrade, we'll see), Penguin 150 power filter, undergravel filter run by a Whisper 20 air pump and some hideous gravel and fake plants. The *outside* of everything was covered in some sort of weird gunk but it hosed off pretty easy. Everything's up and running fine. It needs a new light bulb, and I got rid of the gravel and plan on going with play sand as a substrate. The best news is, I got all of this for $30.

Here's what I plan on for stocking. Keep in mind I plan on ditching the UGF and using the air pump to run some sponge filters, plus there's room to add a second HOB filter if needed. I don't really mind overstocking as long as my filtration can handle the load.

Pair of kribensis (and likely their fry they're currently raising in my 20g)
3 kuhli loaches
1 clown pleco
1 leopard ctenopoma
1 male and two female swordtails to keep the ctenopoma happy
Something for up top, I was thinking either danios or hatchets

Would this work out? I understand that it's more fish than most would stock in a tank this size, but like I said I'd be way overdoing the filtration to compensate. I also have a few MTS in a 20g that I'd put in this one to keep the sand sifted. Will they be able to survive the kuhlis? Let me know what you think.
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Kuhlis will not eat MTS and other snails. Their mouths are far too small to allow that. I would not attempt the ctenopoma with those fish.

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New idea for up top, instead of hatchets or danios: golden wonder killies. I'm thinking 2-3.

Why a no-go on the ctenopoma? Are you concerned about it eating some of the other fish I have listed, or are you talking about it getting harassed by the kribs? If it absolutely won't work with the kribs, I'll have to ditch it. However, if it's predation on the smaller fish you're worried about, I'd rather change my stocking ideas there to work around the ctenopoma.
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New idea instead of the ctenopoma: Badis badis. Anyone here ever kept this fish? It's uncommon but not expensive, seems to fit the niche in the aquarium that I wanted the bushfish to fill, but isn't as predatory (so I've read). Will this work out better? Not to mention, it's a smaller fish.
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