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New 29 gallon fish tank

i just recently got a 29 gallon tank with a very recently used filter and used gravel. I have had the water cycling for three days now and have measured the PH at 8 and the ammonia and nitrite at 0. If i want to use fish to help move the cycle along when should i add them? (i do not have to buy any fish because i have about a dozen baby mollies in my roomates tank). Also should I try and drop a PH a little?
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If planning to use the molly fry to cycle the tank, I would match the pH to the existing conditions if possible. 8.0 isn't usually an issue with mollys, but being fry, their immune systems won't be as strong as most adults.
I would start with no more than 3 - 5 of the fry, and keep in mind they grow and mature quick, so watch for signs of breeding, which could cause issues during cycling. Also, when putting them into the tank, be sure to acclimate them properly, as if they were coming home from the store. If using a bag, float the bag in the tank for 5 minutes to adjust temp, then begin adding a small splash of water to the bag every 3 - 4 minutes over the course of 5 minutes. If using a bucket, put fish and some of their water into a bucket, and every 3 - 4 minutes add a small amount of water from the new tank to the bucket until the water in the bucket has been at least doubled, usually about 15 - 20 minutes.
Keep in mind that when cycling, the ammonia and nitrite levels in the tank will spike at some point, and for fry, this could be deadly. The fewer the number of fish the easier the whole thing will go. Also, go very easy on feeding them in the new tank during cycling, this will help keep waste levels to a minimum.

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