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New 29 gallon

Quick question guys... I have a friend with a 40 gal tank give or take a few gallons and was wondering if I can use her whisper30 filter media (used of course) to populate my new tank and also if i can take my new filter media from my new filter for my new 29 gal setup and just float it in her water for a week or more to get some more bacteria and then when Im ready I can put the floating (29gal) filter in my tank and take her used media and float it in my tank. Basically let her media stay in her aquarium and also float my unused new filter built for my aquarium to gather more bacteria and then put them both in my aquarium but reversed hers floating and mine in its repective filter. I know I can use hers but will mine simply floating do any real good as far as collecting bacteria ?? Also the filter media is basically just a square that looks like blue or white cotton right ?? I told her that i would just trim her filter media down to fit mine and she said " I dont know if you can cut it down, all the charcoal will fall out" Which to me means a completely different type of filter that I may not be able to use ? ? ?

Also, is there any best way or trick to transporting the bacteria infested media so as not kill it ??

Thanks guys

BTW my filter is an Aqua Tech 20-40 power filter with bio fiber biological filtration
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Yes..if you take used filter or.. bio wheal and put it to use in your tank will be speed up cycle (it will not happen overnight)
If you want to float your filter in other tanks water .. than it will take sometime for bacteria to colonize your filter... so .. #1 way is better.

To transport bacteria just .. use water from your friends tank and.. place whatever you transporting in to that water.

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yes by all means it works. i just did the same thing with my tanks. on my smaller tank i have the same filter as you and i took a piece of my friends filter and stuffed it behind my filter.

i also have a bigger tank that i just set up and i put the other piece in the filter of it.

the bigger tank cycled in 4 days!

im definately sold on this method!
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To add a note to previous information, you need a source of ammonia in the tank when the filter media is added. Bacteria are living organisms that require a source of "food" (ammonia for nitrosomonas, nitrite for nitrospira) and oxygen in order to live and multiply. They will only multiply to handle the available "food" in both cases. Without food, they die off.

A few small fish should always be in the tank when cycling is done by seeding it with existing bacteria (filter media, substrate, plants, wood, rock from an established tank). The fish provide the ammonia to feed the bacteria transferred over, and away they go.

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I agree as I used the filter media from my established 10 gal tank and inserted it into the 35 gal hob filter and the next day added 3 danios and my tank only took 2 days to cycle. I always leave extra filter media in my filters just in case.

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