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New 20 gallon tank

So. I have ordered a 20 gallon tank and it has recently come in. While I have been keeping fish for a while, I have mostly kept hardy species, i.e. platy, and semi-hard, dwarf gourami.

Im not really sure how to cycle it, so help would be very welcome.

I would like to use a undergravel filter.

I would also like to start with live plants, but not sure about this, As I have heard some things about them, but I know that live plants would make my platy fry much happier.

This is what I was wanting to do with the 20 gal,
Move my four adult platies, 1 halfgrown platy fry, and my female dwarf gourami, as well s the 6 ghost shrimp, 2 spiral horn nerite snails, and 3 apple snails over to this tank.

I would like to get one a male gourami and a angelfish as well.

I have heard angelfish are territorial, so another suggestion would be to split the bottom feeders between the two tanks, i.e. three shrimp and the nerite snails in the 10 gallon, along with the dwarf gourami pair,
and perhaps have the platies, 3 shrimp, and the 3 larger apple snails in the 20 gal with 1 angelfish?

2 of the platies are a established breeding pair, (the male seems to ignore my 2 silver female platies) and produce fry every 30 days :)

please help :) I would love to have a angel, and I really do like the idea of having the 10 gallon for my dwarf gourami's. I would love to be able to spawn another fish species besides platies. I have open ears to all suggestions :)
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I would also like to get a pleco, that resembles the sailfin, but at a smaller grown size. I am not attempting to keep a 18 inch fish in a 20 gal. lol. But, I dont really like the looks of the Corydoras :)

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I would like to get some congo tetras as well. perhaps a group of 5, but this may e overstocking. please help XD
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I'm not new, but im not a fish expert, but i will offer my opinion on this due to the lack of responses thus far.

I'll start with the fact that you need to go with option 2, you seem to have a lot of fish you want, in a 20 gallon tank.

I am guessing it is a 20 gallon high, and not a 20 gallon long?

I would not put an angel fish in a 20 gallon tank. I have one in my 29 gallon, he got a lot bigger than i imagined. Being that angels can grow to 6'' in length, and that i can imagine 4'' tall, more than likely upwards of that i dont see an angel being happy in a 20 gallon tank... but that's my two cents... add in other fish taking up space and swimming room.. and i just dont think that's a smart move.

As far as the pleco, there are a few species of pleco's that stay 6'' or less, just do some googling and make sure it's compatible with your fish and inverts, i don't know much about plecos so i won't play like i do.

Tetras are a schooling species, they need to be kept in groups. granted it my state on the internet a group of 5 or more is fine, but from everyone i've talked to that keeps tetras, they fish are always more happy with 8-10, i started with 6 and when i added 4 more i noticed a lot more activity, and overall comfort from the tetras. Also the congo's can grow to 3.5 inches or maybe a tad bit more... so with 5 of them you'd probably have a lack of room.

I understand the feeling, i've wanted tiger barbs for awhile now for my 20 gallon, and i keep telling myself im not getting them because 5 or 6 barbs (3'' roughly, grown) in a 20 gallon high tank, just doesn't sit well with me or anything i've read about them.

You also have a 10 gallon dont let it go to waste, you can keep the shrimp, snails, and gourami(both if you buy a new one) in that tank, and then transfer your fish over to the other tank and go from there.

Tropical Fish Keeping has a ton of fish profiles, you can look through them and see what fish prefer which level, how many to have, how large they get, and a great tool is that it even tells you a tank size.

Now, as far as cycling your new tank goes... you have a ten gallon tank, so depending what kind of filter you have there are a few options.

If you have a filter with just floss you can cut some off and put it in the 20 gallon's filter, if it's a sponge you can do the same, cut some and put it in the new filter box.

You can also get some of the 10 gallons water and squeeze the sponge into it and pour it in your new tank.

If you have a filter with bio-media in it, you can take some of that and put it in the new filter.

A cup full of substrate works well too, just take some of the 10 gallons substrate and put it in your new 10 gallon, then add water to keep the bacteria alive, then start putting your new substrate on top of it. and go from there.

However this doesnt cycle your tank, i suggest reading "the fishless cycle for dummies" it explains the cycling process, i would refrain from putting fish in your new aquarium until it's fully cycled... like i said adding substrate, filter media, etc from the old tank won't cycle it, it will only bring beneficial bacteria to the new tank, to speed up the cycling process.
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Thank you so much. So no Angel or congos, Perhaps I could instead keep the 20 gallon for the platies and add a few guppies?
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Guppies stay small so platies and guppies would be fine... Even if you liked another tetra.. Cardinal, neon, glowlighy etc, the ones that are about 1-2" grown are more ideal for a shared 20 gallon... In my
Opinion a tank with 2-3 platies and 8 of the smaller tetras that don't exceed 2" are fine.. It's when you get schooling fish that grow beyond 2" and have a 20 is where it gets iffy... Could you do 5 tetras? Sure but think of the fish.

If the tank is still unused you could possibly return it and go for a 20 gallon LONG. Then you would have more room and you could probably do the congos. 20 long tanks are more roomy due to the fact it's longer and fish use more of the tank width wise for swimming than the height.
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I dont think I would choose any other Tetra than a Congo, the rest are somewhat strange looking to me. Now the long-finned zebra/leopard danios are pretty, But they are so fast. . . I would be worried they would disturb my platys. I may stick to what I have now, except for getting a male gourami and a few beautiful guppies. Any advice on having a tank with live plants? Or spawning Dwarf Gouramis?
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The bristlenose pleco is a smaller species that grows to about 4'' max and will work in a 20g, get him a piece of driftwood as this is an important part of his diet.

Consider the needs of your fish before acting on your desires.
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