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New 20 gallon, hmm....

Set up my 20 gallon, already cycled with some danios but found them a new home (they all survived!)
Now..hmm what fish to get? I seen some Dwarf Gouramis and they were stunning, but I do not want to have aggressive fish later on because theres no where else for them to go! So I'm not sure they are an option, unless somebody can tell me otherwise. I was hoping for sand, but I waited weeks a few months ago and petsmart would just not get it back into stock so I went with the gravel, not the biggest fan of it, but got the smallest I could since I do want to get a few corys, I hope they will be OK in there!
Anybody have any good personal experiences with specific fishies? I like color...which is why the gouramis stood out to me! But if the fish can make up from color, with its body type, or activeness lol then more silver fish are OK too. I can have a few of the same kind, or different species, I'm up for whatever! But I'm not the biggest fan of little tiny schooling fish, like the danios, I like fewer, larger bodied fish. Ill post a few pictures, their the best I could get, doesnt really do the colors of the plants and background and stuff justice, but it can give you an idea. The first 2 are without flash, and the last 2 are with flash!
Thanks you!

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my friend had a dwarf blue powder gourami that was nice to all his other fish so i dont know if he got just a good one or not.

Barbs are kinda bigger schooling fish but some kinds are nippy.
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Really? Yes i seen them today! They were very pretty, but none of them are showing agression right now, because theres a few of them in a 10 gallon tank, all males too! =)
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Is that log from Wal-Mart? I have one just like it :D :D :D
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Cories would be fine as long as the gravel is rounded.

I recommend bronze/albino bronze ones as they're more active.
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Originally Posted by frogman6
my friend had a dwarf blue powder gourami that was nice to all his other fish so i dont know if he got just a good one or not.

Barbs are kinda bigger schooling fish but some kinds are nippy.
I've got two powder blue and two red in my community tank and the only time they get "aggressive" is when they are moving the other dwarf gouramis off their property or possibly they might shoo off a cory trying to go into their cave. I like cherry barbs and cory cats as well in my community tank.
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Dwarf Gouramis aren't very aggressive, are they? My friend had 4 of them and they got along nicely amongst themselves and the other fish, they were always playing around.

The gravel in my tank is black and rounded, medium sized, and my Cories seem not to mind it. They'll be okay so long as there aren't extreme points and whatnot that would hurt their barbels.

Tanks: 40 gal FW setup, 10 gal Reef tank.

Old BC8 setup:
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I've got two cobalt Dwarf Gourami's and they are lovely fish, never pick on anything. In fact, right the the start of my fishkeeping i put some guppys in with the angels (i know, i know - i was naive and stupid: bad LFS advice and not enough research on my part) they used to step in and defend the guppies from when the angels tried to bully them. I'm not sure why, they just liked them i think! or they just like a quiet tank... Anyway, lovely fish, i love the way they examine everything with their little feeler thingies!
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