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Silvertip Tetra
Silvertip Tetra
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Originally Posted by Egrant View Post
I only cycled the tank for about a day because I had water/substrate/filter media from an existing established 55G. In the end it was pretty much like performing a big water change. The back ground is not 3D, just taped to the back! As for substrate I used a dark rock I found in bags at the local landscaper’s. RINSED THE CRAP out it!! The lights I am not 100% sure, I bought some from PetSmart but not happy with them….
Didn’t know I could put any kind of cats with these guys? Someone told me clown loaches…. I do like how the lighting is not super bright, it brings out the color of all the fish, but there are only two 24” bulbs so there are a lot of dark spots one on each side and in the middle.
The pairs I have that I can tell;
Strawberry’s 1F 1M
OB Peacocks can’t tell yet
Electric blues not sure but maybe 2 M
Venustus looks like 1F 1M
Would not go with clown loaches that prefer softer water, but Synodontis Petricola, which stay around four inches,or larger Synodontis Multipunctatus (around seven inches) would work well in wide range of water, and could hold their own in your tank .
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Synodontis Multipunctatus would work better over Petricola
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Is there a common name for the Synodontis Multipunctatus. Trying to find specific fish around here can be tricky at times.

Any Neat looking HAPS/Peacocks you can think of that i did not mention, something i should look out for to add?
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I think they call them Cuckoo Catfish sometimes. I have 3 in my 100 gallon with cichlids and they are very active and look really cool.
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Otopharynx lithobates would be a good addition although any fish slowly and keep an eye for aggression issues.
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