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This is a discussion on New 10g Tank! within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Guppies and Endlers can interbreed. I'm not sure about Mollys tho....

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Old 12-30-2011, 12:40 AM   #11
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Guppies and Endlers can interbreed. I'm not sure about Mollys tho.
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It might not have been. I was reading about a lot them... Mollies, platys, guppies, swordtails... Fried my brain! Lol
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Just to save you some time, it is not a good idea to put different livebearers in the same tank bc occasionally they will interbreed and that is relatively not good for the fish. As an example platies, swordtails, and mollies can interbreed and some platies will be interbred and you may not know it. I would say if your focusing on a breeding tank and it's a ten gallon i would do platies, guppies, or endlers if your looking into livebearers, i would stick with just one of those species not combined. Also mollies and swordtails will grow to be to big for your tank most reach at least four inches if not more. Just a warning platies are not like tetras. You will not be able to keep a lot in your tank due to the amount of waste they produce. They for some reason always over eat and produce a lot more waste than most other fish of that size. And is the tank planted?
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Ok! Thanks so much :D and no live plants for now. If I put some silk plants or plastic ones and some rock decorations would that be good for baby guppies to hide in? They could hide in the more densely decorated part of the tank. Lol

Could I get just one female platy? They have one that I just love the looks of. Also I mentioned zebra danios, are they ok if I just get maybe 2? They arent livebearers are they? Then a few guppies? I'd just like more than one kind of fish and I'm picky. Lol

If I had too, would it be ok, if the guppies breed, to just scoop out the babies I find right away? Put them in a little tank on their own? They'd be fine right?

Thanks for answering my questions! Sorry if they sound stupid! Lol
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Old 12-30-2011, 11:53 AM   #15
I have ciclids now iin my 55fish gallon tank if iim not mistake the smaller ones like blue moon ciclids do not get very big liike 6 inches but I still wouldn't put them in anything smaller then a 30good gallon due to them love too swim and are very active
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Old 12-30-2011, 06:58 PM   #16
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Alright let me clear up some points of confusion. Livebearers will interbreed with specific types livebearers. Livebearers breed with fish with in their own genus, so this means guppies and mollies (genus: Poecilia) will interbreed and swordtails and platties (genus: Xiphophorus) will interbreed. Keep in mind it is VERY unlikely that they will interbreed when the same species of the opposite gender are in the tank, and that sounds like what you want to do.

I would suggest getting some guppies as they are a great fish to begin breeding and they aren't all that expensive so the inevitable mistakes won't hurt that much. I would also HIGHLY recommend getting live plants with the guppies. Since they are so active they take in and produce a lot of waste the live plants will take in that waste and produce O2 and lower the nitrates. Water Sprite is a great starter plant I have kept some for years. It's extremely easy to grow and a great beginner plant. It also provides tons of shelter for the fry. Hope this helps!
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It does help! Thank you!!
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Old 01-06-2012, 10:22 PM   #18
I know I'm a little late in putting in my two cents worth but I just saw your post and couldn't resist... You've probably already picked out your fish but I just wanted to let you know that personally we decided to go with the platies in our 10 gallon tank. I really love the platys. They are very active, have tons of fry (not to worry though because if you don't want to keep the fry - the adults will eat them), are hardy and easy to care for and come in a huge variety of different colors. It's best to keep two females to one male so you could get a two or three females and one male. They give birth to live young and it's fairly easy to tell the difference between the males and females and I wouldn't be great at explaining it so I'll just say to do a websearch on the difference between a male platy and a female platy because it's all in the shape of one of their back fins. Hope this helps!!!!
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