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New 10g Tank!

I just got a 10 gallon tank as a gift recently... I can't decide what fish to put in it! I honestly love guppies, but my dad thinks they are dumb. lol I just love that they are colorful and easy to breed. I wanted to put lots of decorations for babies to hide in. <3 Then my dad directed me over to a tank that was stocked with yellow labs... they were adorable. The are really active and hide in all the openings and holes in the fake rock decorations. It sounds weird to some people, but they were just so cute! The only thing I hate... they are pure yellow. Bright, sure... but just yellow. Guppies are cute and colorful, but don't have the personality of the labs...

What do you think??

How many labs (or similar cichlids) would you suggest putting in a 10 gallon tank?
What other fish would you put with labs? Preferably something that's not too yellow. lol
Are labs easy to breed? Would the tank need to be much bigger for that? (The store I work at would take the extra fish/babies)

If I know my options with these guys, I might pass on the guppies and go all cichlid. That would please my dad. lol Thank you and any info is appreciated.

If you have any other fish suggestions, please tell. :) I also take a liking to danios.... what do you think of them?

So many questions! Thanks again!

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Hi! Congrats on your new tank.

And I had Cichlids once a while back, and if I'm not mistaken they need pretty big tanks with lots of hiding spots as they are fairly aggressive/territorial... Like I think a 55 gallon is the minimum size. I may be wrong though, so you can wait and see what others post. Good luck!
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Hhhmmmm... perhaps just as a start and then sell them back then... I might get guppies after all if that's the case! lol Thank you :)

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I'm not familiar with this cichlid exactly but I'm sure it will need a much larger tank like angella suggested. Guppies though would be perfect for a 10g. You could get quite a few and many different color ones and the tank would be very interesting. If you wanted something that is easy to breed you could get some platies too with the guppies since they're livebearers as well.
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If you want color and personality, you could get two bettas and divide the 10 gal. I have two tanks like that. I love watching my bettas swim around and flare at each other (and me sometimes lol).


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Ok, so I did some more thinking! I was looking at all the fish in the store and picked out some little guys that looked pretty bright and stayed small. What do you all think of guppies, zebra danios, and platys? They all seem like peaceful community type fish.

I know guppies are pretty easy to breed, but what about the other two? It would be cool to get some little guys to bring back into the store. :)


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Was just thinking again... can they interbreed? Would that be bad? I'm new to fish breeding if you couldn't tell. lol I'll even get a separate tank for babies if I have too. I'd go on a scooping frenzy. :P

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you could put some shrimp in it..

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I'm still rather new to fishkeeping but I'm pretty sure fish don't interbreed. Also, you don't want to put any other kinds of fish with cichlids. They are very agressive. If I remember correctly the require a lot of room. You can do some searching and see if different types of cichlids can be put together but only two or three I think, depending on their size.

My mom had some guppies in her 35 gallon tank and bred them. She went from 7 guppies to almost 100 in the span of only a few months. They are VERY prolific lol. She had to buy two more smaller tanks and has been trying to seperate the males from the females. If you want some real eye pleasers, I suggest some male fancy guppies, they tend to have longer/larger tails and are more brightly coloured. Also they are community fish and do well with lots of other fish (except for betas). I have a three gallon and have two male guppies and a rosie danio (beautiful fish) at the moment with a bristle nose pleco. I don't know if mollies can be with guppies but they also have some nice sharp colouring (black, white, dalmation and gold (gold seems to range from yellow to a rather metallic looking golden)

Sorry for running on like that lol. Just a couple suggestions. Hope they help! :)


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Thanks for suggestions :) I was reading somewhere that guppies can breed with some other fish... Molly? Maybe... Lol I can't remember but I can keep researching just in case.
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